How Much Does Professional Intervention Services Cost? Read On To Know More!

Professional Intervention Services Cost
Image source: | How Much Does Professional Intervention Services Cost? Read On To Know More! | Drugs and alcohol professional intervention services have saved the lives of thousands of people who have been dealing with serious addictions. And more people are seeking specialist care for their addictions than ever before.

When it comes to treatment, few things help addicts more than the heartfelt compassion and support of those they admire and love.

If you’ve been considering setting up an intervention for someone you know then it’s obvious there must be a ton of those lingering questions.The popular question is, “How much is the intervention cost?

There are many styles and ways of intervention that happen every day. Many of these have catastrophic effects that nobody could have put on a price tag.

One way to look at the expense of all this is to think about payments for things like lawyers, fines and legal charges that also come from people who choose to use drugs and alcohol, as a decent percentage of them end up being convicted for something. Would you choose to pay less for intervention and potentially avoid the legal system, or just roll the dice and hope for the best?

It could sound harsh, but it’s just the truth of addiction. While there are no assurances as to the complicated nature of drug abuse, approaches are extremely effective in getting people to choose to join the treatment programme, tipping the scales in favour of rehabilitation rather than self-destruction.

But how much is the intervention cost?

Most competent interventionists charge fees based on their performance, which are very fair relative to the degree of difficulty in delivering such a service. Around $2,500 to over $10,000 is a figure that you can look at for a professional intervention. There are also potential travel expenses associated with the service and transfer of your loved one to the preferred treatment centre.

The average cost of a specialist intervention service is typically right in the middle of the figures provided above.

How much does it cost you not to make an intervention?

There’s just no way around it – drug and alcohol addiction costs money, and much more. There is the expense of the substances themselves, but there is so much more to it. As mentioned earlier, there could be injuries, hospital costs, lawyers, fines, missed jobs, and other related expenses as a result of addiction.

Is there any free intervention?

There are some unusual cases in which interference can be free. Often a religious official, such as a pastor, a bishop, or a priest, may be able to act as an interventionist. It is necessary to understand this person’s level of experience and potential for successful outcomes. Many ecclesiastical leaders have very little or no knowledge of an intervention.

Less Costly Intervention Options

Some practitioners, such as counsellors, social workers and psychologists, may serve as interventionists. They will support those at low to moderate risk. These people could be cheaper than a trained interventionist. They are likely to charge their normal office hours, or some will need extra service charges. Many of these people are well trained to deliver therapies. Be mindful that the meetings will be short and will possibly contain one or two intervention meetings.

The intervention cost of a certified interventionist is the most expensive alternative. It is also the alternative most likely to create significant improvements for the addict. When someone you care for is addicted to drugs or alcohol, hiring a licenced interventionist is the best way to promote rehabilitation.

Intervention with an EB Family Intervention Services therapist is intense consultations where the addict will be asked to face his/her loved ones and hear ultimatums that will bring them to long-term improvement. So give them a call today!

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