15 Tricks To Appear Smarter During Meetings

Appear Smarter During Meetings

Do you have an important meeting coming up but are worried about looking good in front of others? We understand how essential it is to make a good impression in front of your peers or employees.

Meetings are when most of the staff are gathered, so the way you present yourself is crucial to the way they will perceive you.

Fear not! There are many handy tricks to make yourself look confident, charismatic & smart in your next meeting. Let’s take a step back.

1. Remind Them About Your Importance

Begin your meeting by stating a hard stop. This way, your coworkers will understand how you are giving your valuable time to this meeting. They will get their points across as quickly as possible or send you an email instead.

Now you have been saved from a sleep-inducing meeting and managed to look important. Two birds with one stone.

2. The Benefits of the Royal ‘We’

When discussing projects, use the royal ‘we’ whether or not you actually have anything to do with it. Such as “We really should find a solution to this.” This will give a sense of camaraderie, and your coworkers will realize how much you value them.

We are a family after all.

3. The Kanye Method

Interrupt when someone is about to give an update, and then grab everyone’s attention to tell them how crucial this update is. Then, ask the person to continue. This asserts your authority in the meeting.

4. Draw Venn Diagrams

Venn diagrams automatically multiply your smartness factor. The accuracy of the diagram is unimportant. Watch how your colleagues start arguing about the labels or the size of the circle even before you sit.

Now you can go back to watching that Game of Thrones episode.

Turn Percentage Metrics Into Fractions

For example when someone says, “75% of consumers expect this from the product,” quickly add, “So about 3 in 4.” Your coworkers will be amazed by your quick math skills.

6. Let’s Take a Step Back Guys

You are at a point in the meeting where everyone is talking but you. Use this opportunity to shine. Loudly clear your throat and then say, “Guys, we clearly need to take a step back here!” Then say, “We need to look at the big picture.

And now you have earned another hour of looking smart.

7. Take Notes and Nod a Lot

Carry a notepad and write down one or two words once in a while. Your staff will be impressed by your dedication. If someone asks, say that these are your personal notes and someone else should keep records of these meeting. Congratulations, you have managed to get out of doing extra work.

8. Pay Attention To the Engineer

Like an NPC, when engineers talk, they give out valuable advice. So when the engineer talks, quickly chime in with “Let me just repeat that.” Then repeat what he said extremely slowly, emphasizing every word.

Now when people look back at the meeting, they will credit you for the brilliant ideas.

9. Pace around the Room

At an appropriate moment, get up and slowly walk around the room with a contemplative look on your face. Then lean on the wall in a corner and give an exasperated sigh.

Everyone will be going bonkers about you are thinking.

10. Ask the Presenter To Back a Slide

Sorry, but could you go back a slide?” It doesn’t matter when you say this. This will immediately establish you as the person paying more attention than anyone else.

If you don’t know what to say, just say something like “Could you explain these numbers to us?” You have successfully managed to appear smarter than your peers for the rest of the meeting.

11.  Step Out To Take a Call

You may be worried that if you step out for a meeting, it will look like you are not giving the meeting much importance. However, if you step out for an ‘important’ call, they will realize how busy and important you are.

They will think “He has still managed to prioritize this meeting in his busy schedule, so let’s not waste his time.

12. Look the Part

At meetings, you don’t only present ideas but also yourself to a large portion of the staff. From your hairstyle to your shoes, people tend to scrutinize everything.

Be careful to choose an appropriate wardrobe to go with the meeting. Subtle colors and patterns are always a good choice. Faveable believes that proper looks also boost confidence. So make sure you style your hair right!  

13.  Command Attention

Nobody likes background noise, but neither do they have the guts to say something about it. So step up when someone is talking and ask, “Where is the noise coming from?” followed by, “If you are not speaking right, please mute yourself.”  

This way, you will have executed your admirable leadership skills.

14. Appear Considerate

When someone uses a technical term, ask them to explain it ‘for everyone else.’ This will show your coworkers that you are considerate of others and create a favorable impression about you.

15.   Make fun of yourself

Everyone appreciates self-deprecating humor. Keep an amicable atmosphere by saying things like, “I honestly did not understand a word you said.” Or “God, I wish I was dead.”  

Your colleagues will admire your honesty and admit that you are the smartest-looking person in the room.


Try out these tricks, and you will see the notable change in the attitude of your colleagues as you become the smartest person during meetings.