How Can Smart Technologies Help To End The Traffic Plague On Roads?

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Negosentro | How Can Smart Technologies Help To End The Traffic Plague On Roads? | According to a survey, 87.9% of Americans use private vehicles, so millions of vehicles move at a time and result in congested roads, loaded parking lots, and accidents. Rising traffic jams is an inescapable condition in developed as well as growing cities.

Peak traffic hours result in overloaded roads, traffic jams, and severe accidents. This overload disturbs one’s daily routine, i.e., due to traffic jams, children are late from school, and so do many people from their offices. Also, many critical patients lost their battle with life on the roads. 

So there is a dire need to improve traffic management systems by using smart technologies, setting rules and regulations, limiting the private vehicles, and encouraging people to use public transport. Here are some tips and tricks and can be used to put an end to the traffic that plagues the roads.

Smart traffic signals 

Thanks to modern technology, vehicle technology traffic infrastructure has improved a lot. Nowadays you will find smart traffic signals which help to gain a better insight into the traffic including its flow, the speed of cars, and for how much time do people park their cars along the roadside or in the parking lots? 

This information is used to modify the timing of traffic signals so that the traffic can flow more smoothly; it also helps to adapt the policies to introduce more laws and regulations to restrict the drivers.

Smart corridor

They are a technology that alerts the driver about the upcoming traffic, the traffic accidents head, navigate their position, find directions, weather conditions, recommended speed on a particular route, how long it will take to reach a particular destination, and other obstacles that can impact their driving. 

These smart corridors can be a mobile application or any navigation system introduced by a particular state. They are a thorough plan which helps the drivers drive more smoothly and reach the destination safely in time.

Real-time traffic monitoring

Public transportation is the best way to utilize feedback from real-time traffic. This helps the owners of public vehicles such as buses, taxes, and motorbikes park their vehicles at the available parking spaces without wasting their time in searching for a suitable place.

Pedestrian tracking systems

Not only but also the pedestrians are a cause of traffic congestion. To address the pedestrian traffic is primarily essential when it comes to managing traffic flow on the roads. Certain technologies such as V21 can be used to see how many people are passing from a particular place at different times of the day, and it also helps to track the number of pedestrians crossing the street (those who are walking for a specific purpose and those who are jaywalking).

This information helps the planners to find out the different patterns in the time when most of the pedestrians cross the roads, by using this information they can change the traffic flow from populated pedestrian areas to less populated areas and decrease the traffic jam.  It increases the efficiency on the whole and makes the streets and roads safer for everyone including the ones who are on vehicles and pedestrians.

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