How an ITIL Certification will boost your career growth?

Being an IT Professional ITIL Certification

A few years back, the world of business and technology were separate from each other. However, nowadays and in the time to come, business and technology are closely knit. They have to move in perfect synchronization in order for an organization to succeed. If a business wants to stay in the limelight and survive in the extremely competitive scenario that exists today, it has to develop in terms of both corporate objectives and technological strength. However, bringing in such changes in the organization takes time and one must be aware of the current processes and management practices within the organization in order to bring in the required changes. Without a set of well-defined process, it is not only difficult to bring in the required changes in an organization; it is also a waste of time.

Here comes into play the ‘Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL),’ which is a set of ITSM practices utilized by some of the top organizations in the world. ITIL contains various standard procedures aiding and assisting in impeccable and immaculate IT management. ITIL procedures help a business to avoid the most common mistakes that an organization generally does in order to deliver the best quality products or services to the clients and constantly improve upon the same. The ITIL procedures do not finish at bringing in the required changes within the organization at present but they also help an organization in adapting to the changing trends for the upcoming feature. It is because of these reasons; the demand for ITIL certified professionals is increasing all over the world. If you are looking to acquire ITIL certification, now is the time to start with ITIL Foundation Training and achieve higher levels of ITIL certification. Following are certain points which highlight how an ITIL certification will boost your career growth and secure your future.

Advantages of ITIL Certification for your career

ITIL or the Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a set of best practices that aids and assists a business in aligning the IT services in accordance with the requirements of a business. Being a globally recognized framework, ITIL certification has got a plenitude of benefits for your career.

  •       You are not limited to a single type of organization

ITIL is not specific to a single organization. It does not merely relate to IT organizations. Instead, it contains a set of procedures and checklists that help in aligning the IT-related services of an organization with the needs of the business. Therefore, even if ITIL primarily relates to an IT organization, implementation of the same is easily achievable in healthcare, educational and various other organizations as well. Therefore, by acquiring ITIL certification, you do not remain limited to a single type of organization. You can move to any organization, irrespective of the industry to which it belongs, that uses IT-related services. It is needless to say over here that IT-services are present in almost all types of organizations.

  •       You enhance your knowledge and skills

You cannot survive in any type of industry without enhancing your knowledge and skills. Moreover, you require adapting fast to the changes happening around you in order to stay ahead in the competitive scene that exists today. In order to do this, you have to undergo periodic training and acquire certifications. ITIL certification is one of the most sought after skills in the current market. Every organization that uses or imparts IT-related services is in the lookout for ITIL certified professionals in order to align their IT practices with the needs and requirements of the business. Therefore, with ITIL certification under your hood, you take a big leap forward in your career as you become the most sought-after and a valuable employee for the organizations.

  •       Become eligible for higher positions within your organization

An ITIL certification demonstrates your skills and knowledge towards keeping the business aligned with its objectives. Undoubtedly, your seniors will also see that and recommend your name for higher positions within your role. Therefore, an ITIL certification provides you with the much-needed edge over your counterparts and other employees working in the organization. Hence, with an ITIL certification under your hood, you not only secure your future but also secure your job during layoffs and recession period. After all, no organization will like to let go of a highly-skilled employee. With ITIL certification, you expand your horizons as your skills do not remain limited to a single type of role. You become eligible for various kinds of role within an organization and therefore acquire higher paying opportunities.

ITIL certification also holds when you are appearing for an interview in a different organization. The term ‘ITIL Certified’ in your resume will indeed make you stand out amongst the other candidates appearing for the interview. Moreover, with ITIL certification you put yourself in a very good position to negotiate your salary with your employers who will be more than willing to hire you for their organization. Hence, by acquiring ITIL certification you become eligible for higher positions not only within your current organization but also in different organizations as well, which ultimately enhances your career growth, building up a good and a secure future.

What are the various levels in ITIL Certification?

Following are the various levels that are present in ITIL certification.

  •       The ITIL Foundation

The ITIL process utilizes various terminologies and concepts in the process to align the business IT services with organizational goals and objectives. In the foundation level ITIL certification, candidates acquire the knowledge about these terminologies and concepts. In simple words, an ITIL Foundation certification prepares the candidates for achieving higher levels of ITIL certification. It is the very base and the foundation of the ITIL process.

  •       The ITIL Practitioner

The practitioner level comes between the foundation and the intermediate level of ITIL certification. It simply works towards enhancing the abilities of the candidate to adopt ITIL practices in the organizations which they work for. With the practitioner level ITIL certification, candidates are now ready to learn about the various concepts of ITIL in detail and gain knowledge about their implementation in the current organizational processes in order to make the processes stay aligned with the organizational goals and objectives.

  •       The ITIL Intermediate

The intermediate level works in modules. It has different modules present in it. You can take up as many modules as you wish. Each module focuses on different aspects of IT Service Management. You get much deeper knowledge in Intermediate level of ITIL certification preparing you in accordance with the industry standards. By acquiring the intermediate level of ITIL certification, you prepare yourself to enter into an organization that uses and provides IT-related services.

  •       The ITIL Expert

Once you have gone through the first three stages of ITIL certification, you are ready to demonstrate and apply your ITIL knowledge in its entirety. By this level, you have superior knowledge on best ITIL practices and are ready to acquire the ITIL expert level certification

  •       The ITIL Master

It is difficult to achieve the master level ITIL certification but it is not impossible. If you wish to acquire the master level ITIL certification, you have to apply your ITIL knowledge on various kinds of organizational processes and help the business achieve the desired outcome. Thereafter, you require demonstrating how you applied your ITIL knowledge on various processes and how the same helped the business in staying aligned with the organizational objectives simultaneously achieving the organizational goals as well.

Final Words

By now, you must have understood the influence that ITIL certification will have on your career. Therefore, if you are thinking of acquiring ITIL certification and move up various ITIL levels, do not give a second thought and go for it.