Should You Consider A Career In Welding?

welding | Are you thinking about embarking on a career in welding? If so, there are lots of reasons why you should seriously consider entering this job sector. Let’s look at some of the reasons why.

You Don’t Need A Degree

Welding is one of the well paid career options which requires no college degree. You can undertake an apprenticeship and learn on the job and in just a short space of time you’ll be earning good money. ou can start with with basic welding tools under $1000 and start practicing welding.

Do You Want A Varied Career Path

When you become a skilled welder you can work in a wide variety of industries and sectors. Welders are in demand among most industries so if you want to take your career in a number of directions you’ll have no problem.

Do You Want To Travel

Not only can you work in a wide range of sectors, you can also work all over the world. Welding is a skill that is highly in demand all around the globe and some welding jobs involve working on ships which travel everywhere. You can see the world and get paid for it!

You’ll Always Be In Demand

There are many career paths which are oversubscribed, meaning that there are lots of applicants for every single job. It’s hard to get a job in such career paths. However, when you become a welder you’ll always be in demand. There are not enough experienced and qualified welders to meet the requirements of industry today, so you have endless opportunity as you’ll always be in demand.

Do You Want To Earn A High Salary?

Since you’ll be in demand, you can often command a surprisingly high salary. In fact, if you’re extremely skilled you can earn as much as a lawyer or doctor. All of this without the need to go to college! Welders who are happy to travel and work in more hazardous conditions are capable of earning more than $100,000 in a year. Welders who can work underwater can earn double that amount as can military support welders who are happy to head to the Middle East to work. If you want to stay close to home, you won’t be able to earn such a high salary, however you will enjoy the benefits of always being in demand and being able to find work easily.

Do You Love To Work With Your Hands?

If you’re keen to work with your hands, welding is the ideal career path for you. It involves getting up close and personal with metals and making something yourself that allows you to admire your own work. Welding is a job with something to show for it at the end of the day, and it’s varied enough to mean that you’ll be enjoying something completely new every single day.

Do You Enjoy The Thrill Of Working With Dangerous Materials?

Welding isn’t a career for everyone. If you like a very safe job, you might be better off taking a job in an office. However, if you enjoy the thrill of working with dangerous materials and risky substances, welding could be perfect for you. Although welding may seem hazardous, in fact it isn’t actually as scary as you might think as long as you have the right safety equipment, the correct training and appropriate training. Of course, you’ll need to wear a helmet, gloves for hand protection and suitable boots and clothing to keep you safe while you work, so this isn’t a job for someone who wants to look fashionable at all times! However, if you’re ready to get down to some serious manual labor and produce tangible items with your own hands, welding is perfect for you.

So, do you think that welding could be the career for you? If you enjoy working with your hands, want to work with metals and are looking for a job that opens up a world of opportunities to you, then welding could be ideal. Whether you want to work close to home or overseas, whether you want to travel the world or work in a pioneering field like robotics, you’ll be able to achieve your goals when you become a welder. Good luck in your new career!

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