Hot Wheels Offers More Than Just Die-cast Cars

Hot Wheels

Over the past few decades, the world of toys has continued to evolve. New versions of toys continue to hit the market intending to make the kids playtime enjoyable. Today, die-cast cars are very popular. These toys are usually made using the die-casting method and which involves the melting of metals, plastic, or a combo of both. The melted metals or plastic are then molded into the shapes of the latest cars in the town.

Aluminum, zinc, and alloys are the most commonly used metals in die-casting because they are easy to mold. These toys copy tiny details such as engines, wheels, and the doors. The typical models are just fantasy designs aimed at enhancing your kid’s world of imagination.

Hot Wheels cars have come to set a difference in the kid’s world of toys. Did you know that these models offer more than just die-cast cars? Hot wheels cars have set the difference in terms of their design. These models aren’t focused on only melting plastics and metals and molding them into the shape of a car.

As many people would say, these cars are very similar to the real world of cars. You will find many versions of Hot Wheels cars resembling real car models. Many of these diecast sets are highly collected even by adults.  With adult collectors, they like to keep the Hot Wheels in great condition. One way to do this is by using protecting them in a “Hot Wheels Case”.  The manufacturers of these cars are also detailed in terms of the interior. You’re very likely to find a vehicle with an interior similar to a real car.

Hot Wheels are designed for speed. Most of these cars designs are sleek and have features that allow top speeds. Today, there are Hot Wheels tracks which are designed for high speeds. Most of these tracks are electric-powered or operate by the rule of gravity, allowing higher speeds.

In the past, toy manufacturers have tried to keep the classic brands in the game by embracing technology. More often than not, these technologies appear to be overdone. However, for the Hot Wheels cars, the case is different. Not long ago, Eliot Handler, the co-founder of Mattel, launched Hot Wheels id which lets the kids race their NFC-enabled toys on a smart track. The hot wheels id allows the kids to scan their collections into an app. In return, the iOs app acts as a garage, where the kids track the speeds and laps using the infrared sensors in the race portal. Technology advancement is a great achievement for kids who enjoy competition.

Mattel has released a limited edition of various car collections. Most of these car models are hard to find, creating a treasure hunt. Finding such rare vehicles is fun for even adults who enjoy hunting for precious treasures. Hot Wheels cars have set the difference by bringing popular characters such as Batman into the world of toys. They have introduced lines of vehicles with a touch of these superheroes to bring to the industry what the kids can easily relate.

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