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Tempus Watch Store Philippines | The competition these days among products and brands is stiff as ever. In the watchmaking industry alone, make claims to attract customers. But what makes the claims of a renowned watchmaker brand such as Tissot indisputable? It is highly respected for being an innovator and producing world-class timepieces for over 160 years.  

Tissot SA’s heritage is founded by a client-centered tandem. The story of Tissot started in what is today’s center of the Swiss watchmaking industry—Le Locle—by the father and son tandem of Charles-Félicien Tissot and Charles-Emile Tissot. Independently, the two had their own specializations. The young Tissot was a watchmaker while the older Tissot was a gold-case fitter. When they formed their company together, they produced pocket and pendant watches with and without complications. But, what is notable about Tissot’s earliest creations were the parts of each of their timepieces. Parts of theirs watches were actually gathered from different highly specialize independent watchmakers. The Tissots assembled those parts to produce luxurious accessories which they initially offered to the US Market.

In 1858, the Tissots proved they could capture different markets too. At that time the young Tissot left Le Locle, which is in the Canton of Neuchatel and seated in the Swiss Jura Mountains, to explore Russia. It turned out that their deluxe pocket watches were phenomenal products in the Russian market. 

Today Tissot SA watches are not only for the US, Russian, or Swiss markets, but are now also available in 160 countries. This proves that the father and son tandem’s specializations in creating timepieces surpass time and places as they fit perfectly for watch buyers all over the world until now. Even meticulous clients who need accurate timekeeping such as those into sports, navigation, and aviation are also part of their market. In fact, Tissot SA has long history of being the official timekeeper for different well-known sport competitions including RBS 6 Nations Rugby (football), MotoGP and FIM World Superbike (motorcycling), IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships, Fédération Internationale d’Escrime (FIE) fencing World Championships, FIBA (Basketball), and more.

Tissot SA’s heritage is colored by strong collaboration.  If you are a watch collector, you should know by now that the Tissot-Omega watches are gems to treasure, a groundbreaking merge between two powerhouse companies that happened in the 1930s. That partnership actually paved way to the first Swiss watchmaking association in the history— when Charles Emile’s and his son Paul Tissot (General Manager of Tissot at that time) partnered with and Louis and Gustave Brandt (directors of the Omega Company) to form Société Suisse pour l’Industrie Horlogère (SSIH).

Through these years, Tissot SA has been very open for partnerships with companies or association within the watchmaking industry or not. They have a history of collaborations too with the NBA, NASCAR, Asian Games, Tour de France, and Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.). Tissot is part of the Swiss Swatch Group, an evolution of the merge of SSIH and ASUAG (Allgemeine Schweizerische Uhrenindustrie AG) 

Tissot SA’s heritage is to produce pioneer, quality timepieces.   If there is one thing that new watchmakers should learn from Tissot’s impressive history, it is tha is they have many “world’s first” watches. 

Tissot Antimagnetique (1930) NegosentroTissot Antimagnetique (1930) is the first non-magnetic wristwatch 

Tissot Navigator (1953) - NegosentroTissot Navigator (1953) is the first self-winding wristwatch with 24 time zones displayed without manipulation  

Tissot PR 516 (1965) NegosentroTissot PR 516 (1965) or Tissot Particularly Robust 516 is the first watch that has a bracelet with holes. Its idea came from the design of steering wheels of a racing car.

Tissot Astrolon (1971) NegosentroTissot Astrolon (1971) is the first mechanical watch made in plastic.  

Tissot RockWatch (1985) - NegosentroTissot RockWatch (1985) is the first watch with case made of natural stones like granite, jasper, and other stones from Swiss Alps

Tissot Twotimer (1986) is the first wristwatch with the combination of an analogue and digital time display. The digital part features several functions including alarm, seconds, date, timer, and alternative time zone.

Tissot WoodWatch (1988) NegosentroTissot WoodWatch (1988) made history by being the first timepieces with cases made of genuine wood.  

Tissot T-Touch (1999) NegosentroTissot T-Touch (1999) is the world’s first tactile or touch watch. When touch screen phones were unpopular or still mere ideas, Tissot already launched the T-touch watch with multi-function and touch screen features. 

Tissot Touch Solar (2014) NegosentroTissot Touch Solar (2014) is the first solar-powered tactile watch 

These watches are just some among the designs that marked Tissot as the “Innovators by Tradition”, but of course they have more to offer that you should discover. They boast a wide ranges of products that include the T-Sport for sport enthusiasts (e.g Chrono XL Tour De France 2019 Special Edition), the T-Classic ( e.g T-complication Squelette), the T-Gold  (e.g Vintage Chronograph 18K Gold), the T-Lady ( e.g Lovely Square and Generosi-T), the T-Pocket (e.g. Savonette Mechanical), the Touch collection (e.g such as T-Touch Export Solar and T-Touch Lady Solar), and the Heritage (e.g. Heritage Visodate). Tempus is the official distributor of Tissot in the Philippines, and they have branches in SM City North, SM Makati, SM Megamall, and SM Lanang Premier.

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