Here Are Things You Need To Learn About A Panel Beater

Here Are Things You Need To Learn About A Panel Beater getting your car serviced Car Repair Business

Negosentro | Here Are Things You Need To Learn About A Panel Beater | A panel beater is somebody who works in a company that repairs cars. Many companies have this department for their use, but they also hire professionals to do it for them.

Besides relying on a panel beater after an accident, you should also consider regional towing services. They will take your car to the right shop for you, and it will be a great relief.

Below are things you need to know about a panel beater:

  1. Experience

This task requires a lot of experience. You need to know about cars. If you want to do this job, go for it, but be aware that you will have to spend years learning all the necessary skills to become good at it.

  1. Duties

If the company doesn’t provide training for their employees, they will need to learn all the necessary skills on their own. They must remove dents and replace the damaged panels, but sometimes this process takes more time if it’s hard to reach some spots or any dents.

  1. Pay

The pay varies depending on where you work and how skilled you are. Of course, the more experience you have, the better.

  1. Services Offered

There are three essential services offered by all companies that work with cars:


  • Panel beating


It’s the most popular service. The main objective is to remove and replace damaged parts (doors, panels). If you visit a company like Hako Panel Beating, they’ll tell you more about it.


  • Spray painting


If there’s no bigger damage to your car and only the paint needs to be replaced, this service will be good for you. Like the first one, the company will use the best equipment and the most efficient paint to make your car look shiny again.


  • Vehicle Restoration


It is a more expensive option, but if you want parts of your car to be restored to how they looked when they were new, this service might suit you.

  1. Their Roles

Panel beaters remove dents and panel damage from cars, they use a unique technique that allows them to reshape the panels and return them to their original condition, and then they either try to match the color of the car or spray paint it. After this process, they may also need to polish or refine the paintwork to make it look new.

  1. Safety

If you want to do this job, safety should be your priority. You will have a lot of sharp tools and machinery nearby, so try not to distract yourself with anything else besides your job. It’s highly recommendable that you wear safety glasses gloves and protect your ears.

The benefits of car panel beating include:

  1. Preventing rust – If left untreated, rust can spread and damage more of your car. Although repairing rusted bodywork as possible, it is more costly than preventative measures such as regular paint protection.
  2. Protection against corrosion – Corrosion is an oxidation process that alters the metal surface and spreads to affect other vehicle parts.
  3. Restore existing damage – Rust or paintwork defects can be treated to restore your car’s bodywork to its original condition, making it easier to sell.


A panel beater will help you if there’s any damage to the panels of your car. There are various ways to help you, and each company has different methods. A lot of training is required for this job, so make sure to learn every technique before doing it.


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