How to Host a Great Corporate Event

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Negosentro | How to Host a Great Corporate Event | There are many reasons why you might want to host a corporate event, whether that be to celebrate a new line of products that your business is launching or even treat your staff to a fun evening as a token of appreciation for their hard work. A lot of careful planning is required for any business event, however, and if you’re a small business owner who is planning their first event, here are some tips you might find useful to make it one to remember.

Consider Picking a Theme

Picking a theme for your event can help you focus your planning efforts, particularly when it comes to choosing a venue and décor. If you are launching a new line of products, think about what theme would fit in with your new line. For example, if your company is launching a line of natural beauty products, a theme that ties in with nature would work well. 

Find a Suitable Venue

When you are choosing a venue for your event, you will need to factor in a few things. Firstly, is the venue easy to get to for your guests? Are there good transport links or a secure parking facility on-site or nearby? Will it be big enough to accommodate the number of people that you expect while still not looking empty if the turnout isn’t as high as you thought? Does your venue offers catering packages so your guests have some refreshments, or will you need to hire an external catering company? It should also have all the correct facilities you will need for your event, such as a PA system, projector, toilets, and so on. 

Making Your Guests Comfortable

Your guests should be comfortable at your corporate event. Make sure that there is adequate seating, and that the temperatures in the venue will be comfortable. Speak to your venue’s management team to see if they have air conditioning or extra heaters if your event is being held in the colder months. If your event will be outside, you might also want to look at marquee heaters for hire so no one gets too cold as the evening goes on. 

Raising Brand Awareness

Your event is a great opportunity to showcase all the amazing things your company does and to celebrate the talented people that work with you, but it’s also a chance to increase brand awareness. Make sure that your company logo is visible throughout the event, whether that be a projection as the stage backdrop, having your logo on edible icing on cute cupcakes, or incorporated elsewhere in the décor. Giving your guests gift bags with some of your brand’s goodies in them to take home is also a good idea.


Finally, make sure that your event is promoted effectively, otherwise, you won’t get the turnout you want. Create an event page on websites like Eventbrite to get an idea of how many people are interested in coming to your event, and post about it on social media for a quick and efficient way to let people know updates. 

If you are planning your first corporate event, consider the points above and see how they can help you with your preparation.

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