Healthy Weight Loss: Getting into Ketosis 101

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A strictly followed ketogenic diet which is accompanied by keto smoothie recipes will enable your body to go into the ‘ketosis’ mode. This means that your body system will concentrate on burning all your fat stores. This will help you to reduce weight.

Nowadays, more and more people have an interest in adhering themselves to the ketogenic diet. As highlighted by Forbes, the ketogenic lifestyle is compulsive by itself. Ketogenic dieters have fewer cravings and they are also more physically active. By instinct, ketogenic dieters can reduce their consumption of calories. This will conclusively help them to shed off some weight.

Even though many ketogenic dieters lose weight within a short period, the ketogenic diet is not magic. For you to achieve all the rewards of a ketogenic lifestyle, you must have goals which are realistic and work hard to meet them.

What are Ketones?

Ketones are sources of energy to your body system; besides glucose. A healthy body will need just one of these two energy sources.

In the olden days, food was a rare commodity. Our ancestors used to wait for long hours before they could outsource their food through gathering and hunting. During these long waiting hours, their body system will convert their stored fat into ketones. These ketones were their primary source of energy. So, our ancestors were leading a ketogenic lifestyle without knowing.

Your body system can convert its stored fat into ketones only in circumstances where it has lower levels of glucose. These circumstances are just three; during rigorous physical activity, during fasting or when you consume a ketogenic diet.

The Advantages of Ketosis

So, why should your body focus on converting stored fats into ketones? If you adhere yourself to a ketogenic diet which is accompanied with keto smoothie recipes, you will reap many benefits. As listed by Health Line, these are some of the advantages which will accrue to you;

  • Your body will burn more fats, thus protecting you from heart-related diseases.
  • You will have increased cognition and improved mental clarity.
  • You will become more physically active.
  • You will feel hungry less often.
  • Your body sugar levels will drop, thus reducing the risk of you contracting diabetes.
  • There will be a reduction of acne on your skin.
  • The levels of cholesterol and other unhealthy fats present in your body system will drop.

How Does Ketosis Help in Weight Loss?

During ketosis, it is only ketones which are consumed by your body as a source of energy. When you adopt a ketogenic diet, you automatically reduce your carb intake level. You will also increase your fat intake level by default.

A lower carb intake level will make your digestive system to produce less glucose. Due to this, glucose will cease to be a source of energy for your body system. When there is an insufficient amount of glucose in your body system, ketones will be the alternative source of energy. Your body will thus burn all the stored fats to produce ketones as an energy source. It is the burning of these stored fats that will make you lose weight.

The primary purpose of a ketogenic diet is to enable your body to produce ketones instead of glucose. There is a popular misconception which states that fats endanger your health. However, a ketogenic diet is made up of healthy fats which are quickly absorbed by the liver. The liver will then convert these healthy fats into ketones.

A ketogenic lifestyle will make your body to adapt to a high fat intake. If your body becomes fat-adaptive, ketones will be your primary source of energy instead of glucose. This will ensure that all the excess fat in your body system is burned up, thus making you to lose weight.

What You Can Eat and What You Can’t Eat While On the Ketogenic Diet

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There are four types of ketogenic diets, and you can even customize one based on your daily schedule. There is the standard, targeted, cyclical and high protein ketogenic diets. In all these types of diets, you will concentrate on consuming foods which have low carb levels and high-fat levels.

Ketogenic foods are natural, whole and nutritious. A typical ketogenic diet is one which has a low carb content, high-fat content, and average protein content. Typical keto friendly foods include fish, eggs, meat, berries, nuts, cheese, avocados, and olives.  

While on a ketogenic diet, it is advisable to use keto supplements. These supplements will enable your body to adapt to the ketogenic diet quickly. They will prevent you from feeling weak, dizzy and out of control.

You can also check out for keto-friendly recipes. These recipes will help you to thoroughly plan your diet either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Keto smoothie recipes are also quite popular with keto-dieters across the globe.

You should also drink lots and lots of water and other keto friendly drinks. This will enable you to avoid the side effects of a ketogenic diet such as constipation and dehydration.

A major mistake that many keto dieters make is failing to monitor their carb intake. When you are on a ketogenic diet, your daily carb intake should range from twenty grams to fifty grams. A good keto dieter should look out for the composition of any food before he/she consumes it.

Keto dieters should also avoid all types of sugars; including sugary drinks and sweeteners. Also, most of the fruits, apart from avocados and berries, are not permissible in a ketogenic diet.


Maybe you are obese, and you would like to lose weight. Or perhaps you accumulated some belly fat in your stomach, and you want to shed it off. If you have any weight loss goal, it will be of value if you incorporate a ketogenic diet in your daily schedule. It will also be of great help to you if you purchase some keto smoothie recipes. If you do this, you will not only lose weight – but also reap all the rewards that come with ketosis.

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