Gel Blaster- A New And Safe Toy For Kids To Play Around

Gel Blaster

Nowadays, kids have so many different types of toys to choose from and to play with. The choices depend upon their likes, interest, thinking, and personality. In comparison to the previous generation, games nowadays have become more addictive. Kids of this generation like to play online games on smartphones rather than going to the playgrounds.  

Kids are a lot addicted to action movies as well. They can actually act the scene of an action movie along with dialogues. Guns, pistols, shooting and gel blaster are one of the key terms for which kids are fond of, and to make these actions look more real, there are companies that trade toy guns and pistols with gel balls which in looks and are made like a real gun or pistol.

One of the most famous companies that offers these types of guns are Tactoys, offering guns, rifles and gel blasters to play which give the kids a feel of a fight scene. It is an Australian based company which provides free shipping in Australia-wide. One can quickly and easily grab their accessories and items from their store or purchase it from the website.

What is a gel blaster?

Gel Blasters is power-driven by a battery or manual full spring that discharge non-harmful gel balls. The gel ball released from the guns doesn’t leave any marks or stains on the floor, clothes or walls. They are totally harmless and stainless. Plus, it’s easy to clean them up and doesn’t create any mess. But where to find these gel balls? How do they work?

How do these Gel balls work?

The gel balls at first are dehydrated in a small packet of 10,000 balls. Add the gel balls to water for at least 4 hours and they will grow to 7-8mm. A packet of 10,000 balls will grow effortlessly in a 3L bottle. When the ball is shot from the gun it explodes on impact in small pieces like jelly. The gel drive away after a short time! It is also non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Do make sure to hydrate the gel balls for a minimum of 4 hours and drain the excess water from the gel balls when loading.

Do these balls shrink if not stored properly?

The gel balls need to be stored in “fresh” water to stay hydrated to extend. You can keep them in water if you want. Generally one needs to keep their eye on the water. Make sure the gel balls are continuously soaked and the water is cleaned. For long term storage, put them in a fridge with a sealed container or bottle.

If the process fails, the balls will shrink unless kept in water or stored properly. If they shrink, you can hydrate them once more however it won’t be as stable and you may come across nourishing or performance issues. Make sure to also empty the container and clear the chamber to avoid blockages.

Are these gel blasters safe?

With any of the gel blaster that shoots anything, whether be it water, paint, gel balls, or darts made of foam, one needs to wear eye protection while playing. If you get hit on your skin which is uncovered or naked, you might sting a little bit but it won’t last for too long. If you have your skin covered with clothes, it will feel like a person getting flicked. And lastly, if you are wearing all the gears all over your body, you’ll feel like something just bounced on your body. It won’t leave any marks and is not painful. Gel balls are biodegradable and used by gardeners and florist to hydrate plants.

So, grab these blasters as soon as before the company’s website and storeman’s states “out of stock”!