Guide to maintain Berlon Skid Steer Attachments

Guide to maintain Berlon Skid Steer Attachments

Guide to maintain Berlon Skid Steer Attachments | Skid steer attachments and compact loader hydraulic systems undergo a great deal of wear and tear when used over some time. Hence, the various types of attachments need to be maintained to keep them running at optimal efficiency.

The Berlon Skid Steer Attachments make use of heavy-duty hydraulic systems that run several hydraulic-powered attachments. However, these systems are prone to dirt and contamination. Hence, regular maintenance is necessary to keep the attachments running smoothly over some time.

Tips to maintain skid steer attachments


  • Keep a check on Quick Couplers


Quick couplers make skid steer attachments versatile. However, dirt, mud, and other residues can easily get transferred into the system during the coupling of auxiliary lines. The contamination can be prevented by cleaning the coupler surfaces before hookup.

Operators need to ensure that the hoses are away from dirt and moisture as being precautious can keep contaminants from entering the system to a bare minimum.

You must drain any pressure build-up in the hydraulic lines of the attachment after use. Doing so reduces the operator’s need to loosen the hydraulic fitting. Hence, it lowers the risk of contamination.

  • Keep oil clean

Oil is like blood for a loader. The oil is also shared with the attachments. One must check the oil before connecting a hydraulic attachment with the loader since you do not know the condition the oil is in. Moreover, make sure that you are topping off the loader with the right fluid. It will avoid the risk of fluid incompatibility.

It is advised to never mix different brands or types of hydraulic fluids since it will compromise the properties of each oil type and cause premature wear and tear. Consider viscosity and oil temperature range while choosing a hydraulic fluid. One needs to replace the fluid with the same type at the very least.

  • Check attachments during system failures

The carrier and attachment must be flushed, filters changed and oil replaced at regular intervals. It is crucial since failure to do so leads to contamination. However, a system failure may call for replacement of filter and oil within shorter intervals.

Such matters need to be followed diligently since contaminated oil will be transferred from the machine to the Berlon Skid Steer Attachments and you will face the issue of cross-contamination. Hence, it is always advised to drain the oil out of the attachments and hoses.

  • Set up attachments properly

Ensuring that the pressure and flow matches between loader and attachment is crucial to maintain optimal performance, but also to protect the hydraulic system. The excessive flow levels can wear out and damage the seals, and components of attachments and hoses.

One must ensure the flow and pressure your attachment needs. Flow adjustments can easily be made from your loader’s control panel. However, pressure adjustments need to be made through the control valve. Such duties are best handled by an authorized dealer.

So, we discussed some basic steps to keep your Berlon Skid Steer Attachments in good working order. All you need to do is run your loader properly, change the oil and filter at regular intervals to enhance the life of your attachments.

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