6 DIY Shelves That Are Best For Your Garage

6 DIY Shelves That Are Best For Your Garage

6 DIY Shelves That Are Best For Your Garage | The garage is probably the most unorganized place on your property. If you are someone who constantly uses their garage to store items and keep them in order, you’re lucky. But, if your garage looks like a cluttered storage unit, maybe it’s time to consider reorganizing it. Aside from storing an old car, the garage is where most people put some belongings that they no longer use but too precious to throw away. And because of that, there’s a high chance it will be stuffed with a mix of items inside.

Luckily, there’s a way for you to keep it all in order. You can set up functional shelves to help organize all your belongings. Through these shelves, you can easily categorize each of them and segregate them accordingly. But the question is, what type of shelf do you need? In this article, we will highlight some of the most efficient shelves that you can do yourself for your garage. Let’s take a look at each of them.

  • Wooden hanging shelves

One of the easiest storage ideas that you can put in your garage is a wooden hanging shelf. This type of DIY shelves only needs wood boards and brackets to install. It’s best to store items you need often. It’s the type of wall hanging that you use in the living room or the bedroom to display decorative items like picture frames and plant vases.

In the garage, this will help you organize an entire collection of old magazines, books, and other items that you most likely need from time to time. You can also use it to store lightweight equipment. If you want to store heavier items there, you need to select a sturdier or thicker wood.

  • Cabinet storage with shelves

If you are looking to install a safer storage for some of your items, enclosed cabinets are the best choice. To make it more efficient, it’s better to create layers of shelves inside the cabinet so you can store more items than a single cabinet storage. Another option is that you can add drawers in different sizes to keep smaller items.

The advantage of using a cabinet is that you can install a lock to keep your items secured. Surely, you can lock or secure the garage, but if you have valuable storage and you want to keep it protected, these cabinets can be of great help.

  • Sturdy tall metal shelf

It’s pretty common to have huge and heavy equipment in the garage. While these can be stored in a cabinet, it might be better to put them on shelves. The best type to use is sturdy, tall metal shelves. This usually comes with multiple layers with wider height on each of them. This is best for paint cans, drills, and other workshop items. Just make sure that you will not create a shelf that is too tall for the smallest family member to reach. While you can use a ladder, it’s best if all items are easily reachable. Additionally, do not store heavier items on the top shelf. The heaviest should be at the bottom and work your way up to the lightest. In that way, you will avoid crashing the metal shelf that you built.

  • Small wire shelves

If you need an open shelf for smaller, lighter items, you can build a smaller chest shelf made of wires. Just like the tall metal shelves, this has no door and should have an open back. This can store boxes of old toys, clothes, etc. The top of these shelves can also be converted to a table. In that way, you will have extra space to work on in case you need it.

  • Wheeled layered-shelves

If you are using your garage to do some woodwork or any other activities, you might want to build DIY wheeled shelves. It’s pretty much the smaller shelves, but it comes with wheels at the bottom. It can be made of wood or metal depending on your preference. This can be a great storage idea for when you are doing some chores in the garage. It will be easier for you to move the items that you need around the area. 

  • Desktop shelf for tools

If you have storage drawers for your jewelry and accessories in the bedroom or closet, you should also have a small desktop shelf for smaller items in your garage. This can be made with smaller drawers where you can put screws, nails, and other useful items that you may need often. In that way, you don’t need to rummage through large boxes when you need it.

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