Guest Blogging – An Inbound Marketing Strategy – How It Transformed Businesses?

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Negosentro.comGuest Blogging – An Inbound Marketing Strategy – How It Transformed Businesses? | Guest Blogging is a successful inbound marketing strategy that has enhanced startups and established businesses. There are myriads of blogs that accept interesting and informative guest posts. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert niche blogger, readers will never take it seriously if you play solo. According to a social marketing survey, it was found that more than 62% of people give more credibility to blogs with many authors.

Content is everything in the guest blogging. Besides, content marketing takes time to display results. The right content means you get an influx of followers, organic traffic, loyal customers, and new leads. You can take help from a reliable guest post service for your inbound marketing campaign. The professionals at Quality Guest Post leverage a variety of creative techniques, pitch, and submit your guest posts on niche blogs and authoritative domains.

Great content is responsible for enhancing your business image. Your readers also get a strong reason to trust you. Guest blogging is an old strategy. Huffington Posts, Entrepreneur, NY Times, etc. have been using guest contributions for increasing their readership every month.

SMBs can leverage blogs of other businesses and authority sites for enhancing their traffic, generate leads, increases customer base, and conversions.

Steps to transform the business with guest blogging

Set the target goal 

You need to know your goals, just like any other marketing strategy. You can align your guest blogging strategy according to your goal. Your goal can be to build brand awareness or drive traffic, increase subscribers, or enhance SEO.

It can help to structure the author’s bio correctly. The resource readers see as they arrive has to deliver as promised. This is necessary to build trust among the new audience you attract.

Find relevant blogs to post your content

You will need to look for blogs and sites that are looking actively for guest authors and useful content. Look for blogs and sites that are relevant and will help in fulfilling your goals. Pro bloggers target sites and blogs that have a high potential for traffic, social media influence, and quality backlinks.

Get connected with site/blog owners

Before pitching or requesting to guest post it is sensible to get familiar with the content on their blog. The majority of blog hosts are frustrated with poor quality content and irrelevant pitches that they accept posts from trusted and known sources.

Follow them on Twitter and share your liking or include a comment. Sign up for their newsletter. Form a connection, but it has to be real because they will know if it is fake.

Choose a stellar topic to pitch

Find a unique topic that is not covered on their blog to pitch. In this way, you can add value to a popular topic with an interesting twist. Always read the guidelines for writing and pitching or you can get rejected before the site owner reads your content.

Craft a short ad winning pitch including their name, post title, a summary of the post, define how your post will help readers, and show why you are the right author for their blog.

Start getting creative

  • After the pitch gets accepted you can start writing content with a stellar headline.
  • Research keyword phrases
  • Link the guest post properly for building authority and SEO
  • Format the post perfectly
  • Invest in writing the author’s bio
  • Monitor your post traffic on Google Analysis

Promote your guest blog

Promote your guest post on social channels and encourage followers and subscribers to comment and share. The blog owner that accepted your guest post will be happy with the increased traffic.

Be responsive

Being responsive to mentions and comments on your post helps you to connect with new audiences. The blog host will also be satisfied and suggest ways of contributing more.

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