Green Energy is Just Good Business

Green Energy
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Negosentro | Green Energy is Just Good Business | Green energy is the future; that much is no longer in dispute. In many countries, the transition has already begun, and for many businesses, using green energy is no longer a meaningless PR stunt. The truth is that fossil fuels are going to continue becoming more expensive and more damaging to the planet. The technology to use renewable resources already exists, and they enjoy broad public support. The only question that remains is how long will it take businesses to realize that solar and other green energy technologies are the smartest business choice to make. 

Scaleable and Diverse

Two of the hallmarks of any smart investment are scalable and opportunities for diversification. Green energy meets both criteria. It is inherently diverse; it isn’t just one method, it’s many. Solar, wind, geothermal, and hydroelectric are just a few potential sources of clean, renewable energy. Some countries have already started diversifying their infrastructure because it makes the whole system that much more stable. It’s also highly scalable. You can start as small as you like and go as big as you can afford. You can dip your toe in with a few solar panels on the roof or over your parking lot, and you can go as big as building a wind farm out in the country. The well never really runs dry if the well is in the sun. 


Businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs and increase profit margins; that’s part of what made so much of the business world so wary of solar energy and other green technologies in the first place. However, as finite resources like coal and gas become harder to access, they will become more expensive. Building new green infrastructure involves initial costs, but it pays off in the long term, even without subsidies. Green energy is cheaper and more reliable. Wind and sunlight are free for everyone to use. How many days a year have no wind or sun at all? On the other hand, the flow of energy from gas and coal can be disrupted for weeks by one boat delaying shipping through the Suez Canal. Any investment in green technology will pay for itself if given the opportunity. Like a hybrid car that pays for itself through savings at the gas station, those solar panels on the roof will eventually pay for themselves by cutting back on your electric utility costs. 

Public Relations

Investing in green energy is a win-win for public relations. Green energy is broadly popular around the world, and there’s no downside to it, really. How often do companies get boycotted for investing in green technology? The skeptics may make some noise in their circles, but their circles are getting smaller every day as more and more people realize the importance and inevitability of renewable energy. On the other hand, people buy products that cost more, as long as the companies behind them have a reputation for being green. Investing in green technologies and opportunities is a public relations no-brainer. 

Don’t think of solar energy as a luxury or an unnecessary expense. For one thing, for many people, it’s more than necessary. The climate is changing, and the clock is ticking for people all over the world. For businesses like you, it’s an investment with concrete long-term benefits. You can start small, diversify into many different areas, and grow your investments to match their growth. These investments then pay for themselves over time and reduce your business’s reliance on increasingly expensive fossil fuels. On top of that, it’s an advertising opportunity, and a great way to generate good press at the same time. On those merits alone, it’s worth investing in green energy, but there are deeper concerns. Underneath all the obvious benefits, there is one last incentive: the planet itself. The damage humanity has already done cannot be ignored. Businesses are responsible for the vast majority of pollution, and it’s time to take responsibility. Luckily, taking responsibility now can generate more business opportunities and profits down the line. 

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