Gourmet Foods You Have to Try At Least Once in Your Life

Gourmet Foods You Have to Try At Least Once in Your Life caviar

Gourmet Foods You Have to Try At Least Once in Your Life | There’s nothing better than indulging in gourmet, out-of-this-world delicacies. You deserve to enjoy expensive foods every once and a while, whether you’re throwing a dinner party or having a date night with your partner. 

Here are some of the best gourmet foods in the world. Try incorporating them into your next meal plan for an extra kick of extravagance. 


Caviar is one of the most extravagant foods out there. Made out of sturgeon eggs (also known as roe), these highly delectable fish eggs are branded with a stamp of excellence. Their high price is a result of a decrease in the availability of sturgeon across the country. Because the population of sturgeon is so low these days, caviar is expensive. 

However, it’s well worth its high price. Caviar is best served on its own or with an unsalted cracker and other subtle flavors like honey, creme fraiche, or cucumbers. Caviar is great on warm days, as it’s served chilled, making it incredibly refreshing. 


Truffles come in many different varieties and flavors. While they’re pricey, they’re worth the cost. They don’t look appetizing, but they’re delicious when shaved over different dishes. Truffles are a type of fungi and have a very earthy taste to them. 

They’re expensive no matter what, but some varieties are more expensive than others. For example, the Alba White Truffle could set you back approximately $10,000 a kilo! There are definitely cheaper options out there—but you are going to have to pay a pretty penny no matter what. 


Saffron is one of the most expensive spices out there. Saffron grows in tiny threads and can be used in desserts and savory dishes alike. A gram contains approximately 200 to 300 threads and will run you about $10 or about $90 an ounce. 

There is a lot of labor involved in harvesting this spice, which is what makes it so expensive. However, it’s worth the cost and will make a great addition to your seafood dishes, paella, risotto, and more.

Kobe Beef

Kobe beef is considered to be the best beef in the world, as well as incredibly high-end and gourmet. Kobe cows are bred in Japan where they’re given massages daily. They are fed beer and live a very luxurious lifestyle before they are slaughtered. This results in a meat that is marbled beautifully with fat that’s healthier than most other fatty meats. It’s more tender and said to melt in your mouth. 

You’ve likely had Wagyu beef, which is similar. However, it doesn’t hold a candle to Kobe beef. Both varieties are expensive, selling for $150 or more per pound. 

Matsutake Mushrooms

These strange-looking mushrooms are the height of luxury, popular in Asia, North America, and Europe. They’re hand-harvested making them more expensive. They also tend to be incredibly rare, with the most prized mushrooms selling for $1000 or more. 

How to Get Your Hands on Gourmet Foods

Now that you know all about gourmet foods, you’re probably excited to begin incorporating them into your life. But how do you go about finding and purchasing these foods? They’re definitely not something that the average grocery store keeps on hand. 

No, for these gourmet options you’ll have to turn to smaller marketplaces and online retailers. If you’re looking to purchase gourmet caviar online, Imperia Caviar is the right choice. However, you should always look at reviews before making a large purchase from a new retailer, to ensure that you’re not getting scammed out of your fancy dinner. 

If you can, try shopping locally. If you’re located in a big city, there’s likely a butcher or specialty marketplace that sells exactly what you’re looking for. 

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