Getting Help For PTSD: What Talkspace Suggests

Getting Help For PTSD: What Talkspace Suggests | Getting Help For PTSD: What Talkspace Suggests | People are complicated. What can hurt one person deeply may not have an impact on another at all. All people should keep in mind their own mental health and functioning. One person may be able to overcome a hugely traumatic event while another person is left to struggle. Over the course of life, all kinds of negative events can happen. Knowing what’s going on, as those at Talkspace remind people, is a crucial part of proper mental health. People should make an effort to get in touch with their feelings on a constant basis. After something negative happens, the person should examine their own feelings. They might find they are feeling very anxious. They might also find they’re feeling something that can be even more dangerous.

Common Responses

There are many common responses to a problem such as a divorce, a diagnosis of serious illness such as cancer, or living through a hurricane or earthquake. Anxiety can lead to many kinds of physical symptoms. Heart palpitations can happen when people are not expecting them. The same is true of other physical symptoms such as sweating and increased blood pressure. They might sweat more and find they’re eating a lot less. These symptoms can feel frustrating. They may even impact the person’s ability to function in the short term. All people who’ve felt these issues should bear in mind, as those at Talkspace bring up, that there can be more debilitating symptoms. These can be part of a dangerous condition that is in need of treatment.


PSTD or a condition known as post-traumatic stress disorder is an issue where people keep reliving bad things that have happened to them over and over again. This is far more serious than feeling just a bit anxious. The person suffering from this condition may feel unable to cope with certain situations. It is imperative to know what differentiates the two. People may find they keep being brought back to the event that happened when they’re least expecting it. All of sudden they’re not at the meeting they’re taking. Instead, they’re being brought back to a situation where they were being subject to being hurt. This is when those at Talkspace can be of help with overcoming this problem.

Getting Help

One of the most frustrating things about this issue is just long it can linger. Nearly all people will have these feelings in the immediate aftermath of a problem such as a car crash or an accident. For a significant percentage of people, such feelings and issues may not go away. In fact, they can cause issues for years to come. These are the people who will need help to respond to this issue. Treatment by professionals can help them fully recover. Professionals can teach them techniques that enable them to think about an event without being forced to relive it mentally and all the trauma that came with it. That can help anyone move past the event and fully regain their mental health.