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When you get ready for any event, whether it is a meeting, interview or party, an individual is scrutinized from top to bottom. The first impression is made based on the way he gets dressed up. However, no matter how well you get dressed, if your wrist watch strap has a rubber band on it, or the strap is all worn out, then your impression goes for a toss.

A man, who is style conscious, will always pay attention to every accessory he wears. Whether it’s a belt, tie, wrist watch, cufflink, socks, shoes, sunglasses or outfit, every small touch to your style will make you look complete and unique. Just like females, men too have different styles and patterns of accessories depending upon different occasions. Hence, not only outfit or ties, but wrist watch also plays an important role. Thus, stylish men have a classic collection of wrist watches as they know its importance.

Not only the style and brand matters, but also the way you wear it and the position in which you wear it matters too. There are many brands that have appealing look. However, it is also important to not wear a particular watch with an attire. For example, an athlete will pay more attention to its specifications like waterproof and rough look, but a businessman will look into style, royalty and class.

Rolex, Tudor, Seiko, Omega, Hublot, Tag Heuer, IWC, Patek Phillipe, Audemars Piguet are some brands that fascinate today’s generation. Some brands like Seiko, Audemars Piguet, as well as Rolex are in the market for years. Audemars Piguet Holding is a Swiss company that manufactures luxury watches and mechanical clocks. The company was started in 1875, since then, the families of Jules Louis Audemars as well as Edward Auguste Piguet have owned it.

There are various models owned by Audemars Piguet, but the most famous watch is the AP Royal Oak Offshore. This watch was first presented in 1972 which was designed by Gerald Genta as Royal Oak, who has also designed some models of Patek Phillipe. Royal Oak is the first luxurious sports watch. Later, on 20th Anniversary a new designer, Emmanuel Gueit, gave a new look to Royal Oak and named it Royal Oak Offshore. Both models, the previous and current, are successful till date.

It is through media and advertisements that we get influenced by every brand. Thus, the companies pay more emphasis on the brand icons and celebrities who will fascinate their consumers. If you have seen in many advertisements, banners, hoardings, all men who put on watches are dressed up according to the purpose of the brand and its specification.

If it is a sports watch, then the brand icon is an athlete who is dressed up in his sports outfit, or if it is a royal and luxury watch, then the brand ambassador is a royal celebrity, dressed up all in suit and royal attire. Hence, it proves that outfit and wrist watch should complement each other.

Here are some tips mentioned below to let you know the classic way of wearing wrist watches –

  • If you’re confused about the occasion, whether it’s formal or casual, then go for analog watches that have digital appearance. Watches like Panerai model have their own specifications that not only look elegant, but timeless piece as well.
  • A stylish dresser will pay attention to minute details to his wardrobe. He will not only emphasize on outfit, but will also look into the belt, cufflink, sunglasses, rings, ties and socks etc.
  • Every wrist watch owner should follow this golden rule, gold, silver and leather bands are for formal occasions and rubber or plastic bands are for casual events. The color of metal should match with the color of other accessories like rings and cufflinks.
  • Not only does the brand, but also the way it looks and is handled in public matters the most. Alligator leather straps, Arabic numerals and stainless-steel case gives a complete refined look, whereas, thinner case and straps slip in and out of cuff which also looks elegant.
  • Similarly, for events like racing, horse riding, diving, and other hobbies that are exciting and include various sports activities would be accompanied with timepieces which are from luxury brands. Instead of plastic and rubber try stainless steel watches which have specifications like water resistant, long lasting power, and radium in built.
  • For casual appearance, you can vouch for wrist watches that have stopwatch features, large case, pilot categories, chronograph, which makes it not very formal, but also not too casual. This style is perfect for your date, business parties, etc.

Here is the classic way of wearing wrist watch that makes you look stunning, smart and outstanding –

  • Always wear watch on your non dominant hand so that less activity from that hand will create less damage to your watch. Also, you can easily access your watch and handle it efficiently through dominant hand.
  • Whether it is formal or casual full sleeve shirt, make sure when you stand with hands down, your cuffs should cover half of your watch and not all of it.  This means that your strap should fit you perfectly to stay in one place, too loose strap can look sloppy hence, stopover at a specialist to adjust the strap accordingly.
  • Make sure that that the size of watch dial will match wrist size. Small case on broad wrist and large dial on thin wrist will look weird.

Below are some mistakes that should be avoided –

  • After buying a classic watch, the first and foremost thing to be done is to understand its specifications. You wouldn’t like to appear ignorant in front of your guests when they ask you about its functions and features.
  • Instead of spending thousands of dollars on one wrist watch, buy different models for different purposes. There are many renowned brands that offer luxury watches at reasonable budget. Also, online shopping nowadays provides deals day and night.
  • You just don’t need style, but comfort as well, thus avoid wearing leather strap in heat which can make you uncomfortable. On the beach, instead of leather or steel go for nylon or rubber strap.

Most importantly, no matter how careful you are with your wrist watches, their maintenance is also important. We understand that you keep them in their boxes to save from scratches. However, their machine and battery has been working day and night and therefore, they need maintenance. Since you have invested so much on your luxury watch, it is wise to get it serviced in a service center.

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