10 Ways to Make Your Living Space Captivating

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Making your home inviting, modern yet cozy, and a cool place for you and your friends to hang out can sometimes be a challenge. Have you ever seen a gorgeous room on one of your favourite celebrities social media pages and wondered how they curated it like a perfectly propped room from Z Gallerie? I’m going to go over the 10 best ways to make your living space more captivating, and I promise… it’s not as hard as you might think!

  1. Get Eclectic

Let’s start in your bedroom. This is the most personal space in your entire home. It is the perfect place to start to express yourself uniquely. If you love to travel or have a huge sense of adventure, put pieces from your travels on the walls. Pair it with a map of the world or a cool rug you got from Morocco. Make it unique and make it scream your personality.

  1. Do It Yourself Art

Chalkboard paint has become a very popular source of playful DIY art. In the kitchen, playrooms and children bedrooms. It’s super innovative and an evolving element in adults bedrooms. Along with this, DIY canvas art is cool. So, get your Picasso on and paint something to hang in your living space.

  1. Accent Pieces

Colour blocking is key. Make sure your core colours are neutrals and then give it a pop of colour with something vibrant for the accent. A plant can be your pop. Having a few plants around the home not only opens up space, but they are naturally calming.

  1. Monochromatic Look

If you aren’t into having colour blocks, a monochromatic look may be ideal for you. Keep it simple. Do blends of whites, greys, blues. Whatever colour that makes you happy.

  1. Hire an Interior Designer

This is something that likely your favourite celebrities and even your friends and families are doing. It is a great option for those who just want to take the hassle out of decorating their own homes. There are companies, in particular like, Advantage Styling, saw the demand of people wanting a professional design and styling experts to help them make their homes look great. Most people have a vision of how they want their homes to look, but they need someone to help them create that vision.

  1. Appropriate Proportions

Pair your jumbo mirror with an over-sized pendant. Keep the proportions aligned with the provided in your bedroom or living space. You still want to move around while making it looking in sync.

  1. Curtains Make Everything Look Better

A room can’t ever be finished without you addressing your windows. A nice curtain pulls the entire room together. If you like a more subtle look, get something sheer and white. It will always go a long way.

  1. Statement Art Pieces

We touched on art earlier in this blog but not the statement pieces that really give you the “wow” factor in your space. Less is more but you can truly design your whole space around a statement piece, so keep that in mind when selecting. These are conversation starters.

  1. Do It Yourself Headboards

Get creative, you can use curtains as a headboard and change them out with the seasons. It is simple and chic. You can also find amazing headboards online at low prices.

  1. Textures

Lastly, textures. Of course, bedding is easy, but don’t forget it around the rest of your home. Play with it. Do leather or something playful. Make it your own.

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