Formal Dress Inspo from Our Fave Hollywood Gal Blake Lively

formal dress

Negosentro.comTake a look around at the celebrity world and try to find someone as glamorous, beautiful, classy, and sophisticated as our star-studded favorite Blake Lively – go ahead, we dare you. Blake Lively is an elegant beauty in a modern age who has her own sense of sophisticated fashion. It’s something we utterly admire her for, and honestly, can you blame us?

She’s talented and smart, but man, she’s also stylish. If you’ve ever seen her walk down a runway, you know that she’s probably got great people in her corner suggesting styles, but also, she’s definitely got an eye of her own for what’s hot and what’s not.

So, we decided to team up with JJ’s House Designer Jessica to talk about some of our favorite formal dresses that give us that Blake Lively-inspired feeling. Let’s dive right in and get to the best part of our jobs — getting down and dirty with the hottest styles! 

Tight-Fitting Dresses 

With a body like that, it’s no small wonder that Blake Lively is such a fan of tight-fitting, figure-hugging, gorgeous formal dresses. No matter the length, Blake typically opts for a figure-flattering fit more often than she does a flowy, bohemian look. Even during the months immediately post-pregnancy, Lively was back at it with her tight-as-ever formal dresses – and goodness, did she look good! Channel Blake with a figure flattering dress that accentuates your curves and makes you feel feminine! 

Short and Sweet Dresses 

If you’re a Blake fan like we are, it’s likely that you comb through all the pictures of her you can get your hands on. That means red carpet events, galas, charities, and even paparazzi pictures in the tabloids. With all those pictures, did you ever catch on to her short and sweet dress style? We thought you might have. While it’s not always possible to wear a short, above-the-knee formal dress, Blake Lively seems to try to do it as often as she can. Typically, she’s in some kind of stunning design with a hemline that hits right above the knee. Want to get your Lively on? Try out some gorgeous, short stunners from JJ’s House! 

Full Skirt Dresses 

Blake Lively is nothing if not a classic beauty, and she plays into this by amping up the full skirt when she puts on a formal dress. This sophisticated look typically comes in a shorter style, but we’ve known Blake to wear a long, full-skirt dress from time to time. Most of the time, a fuller skirt dress can be paired with a cinched belt to bring the attention to your waist and make the skirt seem even fuller. Check out some of these options on JJ’s House! 

Sultry Dresses with Pops of Pattern 

Though she’s been known to rock a little black formal dress, most of the dresses Blake wears tend to have some super great detail thrown in in the form of patterns. Whether it’s a super subtle, two-tone asymmetrical pattern, tasteful polka dots, a color-block beauty, or a monochromatic dress, there’s always a little more to Blake’s taste than a solid color – try this out for yourself!

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