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Lee Coates, Negosentro | Are you thinking of venturing into the ever growing technical production market with a product or invention of your own? Well it may interest you to take a look at some of the tech giants of today and see just how they started out, some have come a considerable way from their first product to take their place among today’s most well known companies.

For example take Samsung, one of the most recognised brand names in all things technological in today’s market. Starting out in 1938 in South Korea Samsung manufactured large white goods like washing machines, televisions and freezers for the home market. In the 1980’s and 1990’s they branched into larger goods for companies and later as the mobile phone market began to increase they began production of mobile phones and tablets. Today many of the tech items used every day in homes and offices are manufactured by Samsung.

Nokia is another giant in the tech market, still holding a huge portion of the market, so it might come as a surprise to you to learn that Nokia started out making office stationery, rubber products and military equipment. In the 1990’s Nokia was one of the leading companies in the manufacture of the mobile phone as we know it today.

Motorola was the first company to invent the mobile phone and in 1973 the original mobile, that weighed around 2 kilos became commercially available. But Motorola started life as a company making battery eliminators which were designed to limit the need for normal batteries and also car radios, in fact the company name comes from the two words, motor, for car motor and ‘ola’ from the word ‘victola’ meaning sound.

Another huge giant in all things technological is Nintendo, a Japanese company started in Kyoto the capital of Japan. Nintendo has been enormously instrumental in bringing the gaming world into the average home with such well known games as Pokemon and Supermario not to mention the incredible technological advances in the gaming software need to play these games. Surprisingly Nintendo started out in 1889 manufacturing simple playing cards.

In America IBM is a massive contributor to the international business forum with many of todays most advanced office equipment bearing the instantly recognisable logo. In the 1960’s IBM brought computer technology into the consumer market and the home computer became a normal addition the almost every household. IBM was instrumental in bringing ‘the cloud’ into being, the place where much of the world’s information is stored today. IBM however started in 1911 making computerised weighing scales, time clocks for workforce clocking in and out and computerised adding machines.

Microsoft’s first hardware product for the consumer market was the ‘green eyed mouse’ a gadget to enable the easier use of computers.

So it might give you a little insight and also a little hope that perhaps your idea might be the next big invention and if not at some point in the future it might at least lead you to something that will be.

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