Alternative Use of Solar Power in Daily Life


Lorna Casil, Negosentro | There are many technologies and devices that can use solar power and this has kept many people thinking about how the solar energy is used. Usage of solar energy is wide and it can range from street lighting to powering renewable transportation. The list can keep going on and on. Most homeowners have always wanted to know the extent of solar power.

Uses of solar energy

Sunlight is used in creating concentrated solar power or photovoltaic power. The energy conversion makes it possible for solar energy to be converted into power that can be used in lights, gadgets, heaters, and pools or automotive.  

More and more products that use solar energy are produced every day and some of them are complex.  Here are top 5 list of solar energy: rooftop solar, solar transportation, solar heating, solar tech and solar lighting.

Solar transportation

Railroads, planes, roads, cars, buses, and subways can be powered by solar energy. The Solar Impulse 2, a solar powered-aircraft, soured across the Pacific and take amazing photographs.

Also, in China, solar buses are being used to maintain efficient mass transportation in the cities while reducing carbon footprint. There are also solar cars that are been used in racing competitions such as in Australia.

Wearable solar tech

There has been an increasing use of solar-powered consumer electronics. There are chargers that are powered by solar such as Anker’s Powerport. The charger can anything from an e-reader, tablet to a cell phone.

You can also find solar powered flashlights which are charged with exposing it to sunlight. Other products powered by solar include:

  •    Tablets
  •    Cell phones
  •    Solar dryers
  •    Freezers
  •    Thermostats
  •    Wearables
  •    Solar air conditioning
  •    Music speakers
  •    Solar visor radios

Solar lighting

A home efficiency can be added by having outdoor solar lighting. Unlike the conventional exterior lights, solar lights’ installation is simple. The lights are wireless and connect sunlight at daytime and the stored powered is used to power lights at nights. Solar lights are common like solar panels but they are becoming more common like smart home thermostats and LED light bulbs as they can reduce electric bills.

Also, solar lighting can improve outdoor décor of your property. The lighting arrays can enhance the exterior design of your home. These lights are available and cheap which makes them more common especially solar street lights.

It can be economical to have street lights powered by solar. Considering that you will need the lights to shine the whole night, you need to get solar street lights from a reliable solar street light manufacturer.

Solar heating

Most homeowners don’t know that they can use a solar space heater and solar water heater instead of installing solar panels. Solar panels involve huge investments when compared to solar space heaters. These space heaters collect the sunlight and generate thermal energy. It uses air or liquid as a medium. Solar water heaters use water as its medium.

Solar thermal technology has many benefits as you can heat the pool without incurring huge costs. Solar pool heating is cost effective than any other solar energy users. Solar heated pools use solar collector to collect sunlight. The sunlight is converted into heat. Water then passes through the collector which gets heated.

Rooftop solar

There are many device and gadgets that use solar energy. The uses of solar energy can be wide such that people can overlook one of the crucial uses of this energy: rooftop solar. Solar energy can be power aircraft and can also be used to charge batteries. It can also save a lot of money for the homeowner by reducing the number of energy requirements per year. It also reduces utility bills and carbon footprint.

When you are wondering about the ways you can go solar, consider estimating the potential solar savings and determine the solar investment that can is perfect for your budget.

Having smaller products and utilizing home improvements that can improve the home’s efficiency is a good practice. However, having solar panel installation at your home offers an ultimate opportunity to improve electric bill and footprint.