Expo 2020 Dubai, A boom in hospitality business

Expo 2020 Dubai

According to the research, Expo 2020 is going to turn Dubai into the world’s tourism capital. It must be good thing of having many hotel rooms in the tube. Just after a year, Expo 2020 will make Dubai’s hospitality sector set to witness inspiring evolution, held by high tenancy rates and momentous developments from apparent terms in the hospitality market. Arrangements for the big event are carrying out as a promoter for development in the UAE’s hospitality part.

According to an estimate 45,000 extra rooms will be required by Dubai to meet the demand of expo 2020. It is being predicted that nearly $7.1billion assets will be required in new hotel strategy. In this main event, the city is going to make the hotel show to show the starting of development. Workers, designers and interior-consultants have an opportunity to find the new dealers and research something new like upcoming properties that will be created to meet the demands of the tourists of Expo 2020. Before the unfolding of expo 2020, Dubai will have an exciting year of occasions with respect to development. A large amount of training schools, recruiters, hospitality organizations and academies will be available in the hotel show. All these will allow the job hunters to get knowledge and training about these activities as well as finding employment opportunities in hospitality sector..

Dubai Becomes a City of Innovative Prospects

As Dubai is going to convert into the “PricewaterhouseCoopers” “city of new opportunities” it is ranked as 16th amongst 30 global cities of the world of culture and economy. Dubai has also been categorized among top 10 cities of urban gateway. According to the analysis of insight discovery, Dubai has 57 percent expectations to have an optimistic impact on the opportunity with respect to lives, business, and job availability especially in hospitality sector. 

Dubai’s hospitality sector has been doing extraordinary performance as compared to other sectors. According to the report of Ernst and Young, the city has new 2780 hotel rooms of four- and five-star sorts in 2013. One of the new launchings, Dubai Inn hotel is first and economy brand hotel in Dubai. There is also new hospitality college introduced in 2017, which helped to boost the local employment chances in Dubai. 

Job Seekers Advantage from the hospitality sector

Hospitality sector of Dubai is going to help many people to find their jobs. Travel and tourism industry gave about 291,500 job opportunities or about 5.3 percent of the global hiring in 2013. It is probably to rise the opportunity of jobs this year by 5.7 percent. 

Dubai is looking to double its visitor rate in 2020 from 11 million per annum to 20 million per annum, therefore visitors will have more opportunities to enjoy Dubai hotels deals.The habitation rate of hotels has full-fledged from 70 to 80 percent in 2009. There are 611 hotels offering 84,534 rooms. 

In the old days, hospitality was known as working at front of office or housework jobs. Now a days, as the time changes, hospitality term has also changed and developed. There is a well known progress among the Emirates regarding the hospitality sector.

Hospitality sector provides a large number of jobs. When it’s time to hiring newcomers, luxury hotels in Dubai wants to hire such persons who are willing and have enough capability to absorb new skills and improve their future with the company. Well known hotels offer two types of options to the young jobseekers who want to enter in the hospitality field; one for high school graduate and second for university graduates. National youth program held to train the youngsters between the age of 18 to 21. In Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, students receive drills to learn how to speak English as well as hospitality training in first three months. All around the world, Jumeirah has 200 jobs in 21 hotels. But right now, all the focus of Jumeirah group lies on the Dubai Expo 2020. Economics status in finance, human incomes and corporate executive and communication system are available all over the city.

In the future, Dubai Expo 2020 will become the leading purpose for exponential boom of hospitality sector. It will accountable for giving the active city of Dubai with world class values. It will also provide the venues for huge sessions for conferences, exhibitions and seminars as well as creating many worthwhile jobs prospects in the sector. 

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