Empowering Young People through the 8th Live Pure Conference

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The Live Pure Movement, a Catholic pro-life youth movement that aims to teach and inspire young people about the beauty of chastity and a life of purity is organizing their Live Pure Conference once again. For the second time around, it will be held in Globe Circuit Event Grounds in Makati City on October 12 (Saturday). 

For this year, Live Pure Conference’s title is EVERGLOW. We are invited to let the core of who we are (desires, dreams and experiences) be touched by the Light and experience a life of everglow. We are made of a million different pieces touched by our desires, dreams and experiences unique to who we are. Put it all together and we will find a spectacular image of our individual lives.

According to the organizing team, they have prepared a youth festival specifically for this year’s program in line with the Filipino Catholic Church’s celebration of the Year of the Youth. This segment will be dedicated to various youth organizations that can help the attendees discover their passion and gifts and thus, recognize that they are all beloved, gifted and empowered.

Aside from the youth festival’s interactive booths and panels, LPCON 2019 is also packed with sought after artists such as A for A, Gunita, Jegs Benedict, Leanne and Naara, RJ Jimenez and Gracenote. The program proper will begin with the celebration of the Holy Mass to be followed with a powerful production number, a life-giving session and then a heartfelt worship. Another special guest band to look forward to is Ben&Ben who will perform during the main concert segment

More than ten thousand students, young professionals, educators and religious people are expected to come to the event.

Empowering Young People
Tickets are available at 300PHP each. You can find out more about the program by contacting their secretariat team at livepureconference2019@gmail.com or 718-2213.

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