Emotional Support Dog Registry: Here’s What You Need to Know

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Kyla Nievera, Negosentro | Emotional Support Dog Registry: Here’s What You Need to Know | Dogs are known to be incredibly in touch with human emotions. It is for this reason that they have always been closer to man than any other animal. If you have a dog at home, you must have noted that this animal is intelligent enough to vary its emotions according to yours. For instance, if you are crying, your dog will approach you submissively and you will find yourself softly patting it. Your crying will gradually subside.

Making Your Dog an Emotional Support Animal (ESA)

Well, use of dogs is now big in the field of medicine and one area where these animals are making a huge impact is in the treatment and management of mental health conditions. Your pet can become designated as an emotional support animal (ESA) if you are suffering from certain mental and emotional conditions. These include anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, panic attacks, fear/phobias and post-traumatic stress disorder, mood disorder, suicidal thoughts and tendencies.

Your dog can offer much needed emotional support through companionship and affection. Doctors say that people suffering from these conditions can benefit greatly from having an ESA with them. In this case, your faithful dog will come in handy.

The importance of an emotional support animal is underlined by the fact that even the law recognizes the benefits of having one. The Fair Housing Amendments Act (FHAA) compels landlords not to discriminate against people who have ESAs. They are supposed to provide sufficient accommodation for these animals. In the same breath, the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) allows you to travel with your ESA dog in the cabin.

Emotional Support Dog Registry

For your dog to qualify as an ESA, you must undergo a test by a licensed and certified mental health specialist. This averts the abuse of the ESA provisions by people who would like to live or travel with their pets. Once you take the test, your doctor will determine whether the company of your dog improves symptoms arising from your condition. Today, you can take this test online from the convenience of your home.

Once you have a letter from your doctor, it is possible to go on and get certification for your animal with an emotional support dog registry. The National Service Animal Registry (NSAR) is the most recognized certification for ESAs. On their website, you will register and await confirmation for a few days. This certification makes it easier for you to have your dog with you during travel.

By registering your ESA dog, you will get a photo ID to make it easier to identify your animal in public. You have to appreciate that most people don’t understand what an ESA is all about. With the ID and letter from your doctor, you don’t need to keep explaining the reason why you have a dog with you.

While ESA evaluation and prescription used to be a hassle a few years back, this has all changed. All you need to do is identify a reputable online platform for emotional support animal doctors and you will be able to start the process of registering your ESA dog.

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