Essential Features of a Good Golf Course

Sujain Thomas, NegosentroBelek is home to some lush green golf courses. These courses hold multiple tournaments almost round the year. Various resorts and hotels in Belek now give the glorious opportunity to their guests to play at these courses. Now you can play with a golf pro or celebrity on one of these courses.

These courses are some of the best in the world. Your next holiday should take you to the best golf course. Your Golf holiday in Belek should have the following features –

  1. Your course should have two loops of nine holes. This is an essential feature of any good golf course across the world.
  2. The golf course should have a significant portion of good two shot holes; two to three drive and pitch holes. It should also feature at least four counts of one shot holes across the course.
  3. The greens and the tees should be a stone’s throw apart. You should not have to walk around too much for getting to the tee from the greens. The arrangement of the course should be such that, you need to step slightly forwards from the garden to the next tee.
  4. The greens of your course need to be rolling. There should be no actual hill climbing, but there should be excitement in the game.
  5. Beautiful surroundings are a must for every course. Not all courses can have swelling greens or swan ponds. However, your course should not be a man-made strip of a fallow land either. All artificial features should also have a natural appearance.
  6. The course should always take a weaker player’s need into account as well. The loss of a stroke should not mean the end of a game for him. He should always have an alternative route open to him.
  7. Your course should have an infinite variety of strokes for playing various holes, as and when needed. It should accommodate iron shots, pitch and run-up shots and interesting brassy shots.
  8. The design of the course should enable an amateur, a long handicap player and a pro golfer makes the most of their time during their stay.
  9. If your resort promises golfing tours all year round, your course should also be of consistent quality all year round. The texture of the fairways and the greens should be perfect, irrespective of the season. The course should remain playable during the summer and the winter.
  10. The course should bypass the necessity to search for lost balls. This is an added annoyance for any player on any course. While a player can accommodate for the loss of a ball once during an entire game. Looking for balls during most of the game make for less of golf and more of a treasure hunt. Excellent courses have GPS friendly features and easy visibility. Resorts also employ caddies who can take care of balls and other accessories during an ongoing game.

Make sure your resort is in walking distance from the course if not adjacent to the golfing premises.

Author Bio: If you want to plan the perfect Golf holiday in Belek, ask Sujain Thomas. She is the advisor behind the most successful golfing tours in multiple new European golfing resorts.

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