Do’s and Don’ts on your Office Desk

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By Mary Rae Floresca| | Imagine how much hours you spend on your desk at work, and especially, how many days you work in a week. It’s a quite a lot to take in, right? You just need to get through another step when you’re about to go to work, and that is completing what you need in the office.

I came up with my own list of the items I need on my desk, this is based in my experience and I know this will help you out.


1. Snacks

The healthy kind! Stock up on crackers, walnuts, dark chocolates and maybe dried fruits. Give yourself something to munch on when you can’t run to the canteen right away. Keep your intestines grinding with good food?

2. Basic Cover-ups

Hang around a cardigan or a blazer on your office chair. There are times that I dress down for work but then something comes up, like a client meeting or so, I just grabe my blazer and I look more presentable. You may add loafers or pumps under your table, you may have a fancy dinner meeting after work.

3. Small plant

The University of Queensland in Australia made a study and found out that an office ornamented with plant life can increase employee productivity by 15 percent. Not only that, it adds “calmness” to your office, anything green is relaxing to the eyes. A simple cactus will do on your desk. In my workplace, we consider our small plants as absorbers of negativity, it’s all about perception!

4. Water bottle/mug

In the office, there will be an office water dispenser or a water jug for everyone, take advantage of it. Fill up your mug or bottle with water. Target to drink eight to ten glasses of water now that you have your mug beside you, no excuses. It’s good for the skin too!

5. Personal Necessities

This includes alcohol, maybe a small cologne, mints and mouthwash for quick refreshments. I also keep toothpaste and toothbrush in a small pouch in my drawer. Sometimes there are those nights that you just can’t go home because you’re piled with work, or stranded because of typhoon.

6. Meds and Vitamins

You should take multivitamins every day, it keeps your immune system strong despite of hectic schedules. This works for me, I seldom get sick and my sick leaves are then converted to salary. For mild headaches and such, I have pain killers on hand as well, trust me, stock up on these pills.


1. Family/Partner pictures

I remember, my immediate supervisor shared to me what she read about displaying photos of family, friends, boyfriends or girlfriends on your desk, she said “mean” co-workers or your competitors would know how to target you because of those pictures will represent what is very important in your life. Actually this is for safety measures, there can be very offensive instances. At work, best to keep things private. Maybe have a picture of place you want to be instead.

2. Headphones

Most employees put their earphones during work hours. This is a no-no, one time my supervisor pointed out how disrespectful it is when wearing earphones, you’re shutting out everyone around you and that is including your boss. At work, it should be easy for you to call your attention. Headphones is an instrument that creates barrier to good communication.

3. Don’t eat full meal food

As much as possible, do not eat on your desk during lunch breaks. That’s why breaks are made, to give you space and a bit of de-stressing from your duties. You need this to give a bit of jolt of energy to go back to your tasks. Even if you are too busy to eat, step aside and quickly eat on a different table.

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