Does Having a Good Website Design Help Your Conversions?

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When it comes to creating an effective digital marketing strategy, the right website design must be carefully considered. Nowadays, what constitutes a “good” website design is no longer just about function and aesthetics. It’s also about the content placements and the content itself.

Thus, it’s worth asking: are the aesthetics of the site in line with what it’s trying to say? Do all the elements work together to ensure user engagement and conversion?

What is Conversion?

In the world of online marketing, the conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors who took desirable actions (e.g. signing up for an account, buying a product). 

You take the number of visitors that completed the desired tasks and then divide it by the total number of website visitors. For example, if a page in your blog has 100 visitors this week, and then 10 visitors subscribed to your blog, then that page has a conversion rate of 10%.

Website Design and Conversion Rates

Certain design elements must be kept in mind to ensure that your website will be eye-catching and profitable. You can’t simply rely on great content and expect it to do the work of attracting customers to your business.

Yes, it might be true that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But the truth is, good website design is far more likely to entice potential customers to hop aboard compared to a mediocre-looking or poorly designed website.

Listed below are some reasons why good design is key to boosting your conversion rates:


  • Understandable Content


When you give enough thought on your website’s layout and font choices, visitors are a lot more likely to continue reading your page and stay for more. You don’t even have to go for elaborate choices to get them to want more of your content. As long as you make things easy for them to understand, you also make it easy for them to realize that you’re reliable.


  • Aesthetic Appeal


One of the most important aspects of effective digital marketing is balancing design and content for the best SEO performance. To ensure that people will realize that your content is highly valuable, you must use designs that make your content stand out. If your aesthetic choices appeal to your audience, then you make it very easy for them to give you their trust.


  • Good User Experience


Some websites have mobile-friendly versions while some don’t. These days, many people have Internet access because of smartphones. Hence, it’s probably best to expect that many of your website visitors are reading your content from their phones and not their laptops or desktop computers.

To ensure the best user experience, you must work on the web version and the mobile version of your website. If people are able to appreciate your content from any device, your conversion rates will eventually shoot up.


  • Relatable Imagery


Using relevant imagery makes your website more relatable to your target audience. Thus, the more that they can relate with your brand, the better your chances will be of convincing them that you have what they need and want.


  • Convincing Call-to-Actions


Call-to-action statements are the bread and butter of conversion rates. While visitors have a mind of their own to decide whether something is worth doing (e.g. purchasing a product), reading a convincing call-to-action statement in bold letters will make them more inclined to go through with it.


  • Content Accessibility


Most people just don’t have the time to dig through all your content just to find that one page that they need. If your website is an endless maze that involves many frustrating clicks, you’ll only turn off your visitors. However, if you make important pages very easy to find, they’d gladly return to your website for future reference.


  • Brand Credibility


On top of aesthetics, good design also establishes your overall credibility as a brand. This shows everyone that you value what your customers think. A brand that takes time to work on its image is more likely to engage people in the manner that they desire.


Improving your website conversions will always be an ongoing process that must be done closely with website design and development. Hence, you must know your product and your audience really well to ensure that your website helps you reach your marketing targets. Conversion rates are bound to improve if you pay attention to the right elements in your website.

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