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4 Ways to Market an SME Successfully

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Negosentro.comMarketing effectively for a small to mid-size business is harder to do than with a major corporation. It’s all about planning campaigns carefully to get the most benefit from your marketing budget and not squandering the opportunity to generate year-over-year sales growth. 

Here are 4 ways to market an SME to continue the growth drive. 

  • Pick and Choose Between Business Expos

There are thousands of trade shows and expos annually now. Some are focused on businesspeople whereas others look to tap into the consumer market. Usually, they’re themed around a particular industry. Sometimes, an emerging technology takes center stage, like nanotechnology did a few years ago, bringing together the key players in one expo center.  

To be a standout exhibitor at a selected trade show, it’s important to make an impact. One way to do this is with an eco-friendly display, which also makes for a good talking point with attendees. Often making use of recycled materials like aluminum or FSC wood, eco friendly trade show displays always get noticed by attendees walking through the exhibition hall. 

  • Grow an Email List

Companies are often still guilty of neglecting to grow an email list. However, an opt-in on your website lets visitors decide whether to subscribe to your email newsletter, which should usually get sent out every week or so. A newsletter is an inexpensive way to communicate with subscribers, promote new blog posts of interest, discuss product releases, and tease details about new company developments too. 

As well as promoting the list, choosing the right email provider is important too. Using a separate email service provider instead of trying to send emails in-house is important because their emails are less likely to get flagged as spam. This is because they’ll have strict controls on email management to avoid deliverability problems for their clients. 

  • Repeat Business through Existing Customers

The least expensive marketing you can do it so go back to existing customers and pitch them something else. This could be a slight variant or upgrade to what they’ve already previously purchased or something entirely new that could be of interest too.

Statistics suggest that finding new clients is 5-20 times more expensive than building up better relationships with existing clients/customers. Those are valuable savings that small businesses cannot afford to ignore. 

  • Sponsor a Local Event

For companies that mostly operate locally rather than nationally or globally, sponsoring a local event gets the brand and its recognizable logo in front of people in the surrounding area. 

It’s not necessary for the company to be directly related to the sport or other type of events that need sponsorship. People understand the vital role that corporate sponsors play at the local level. Event managers also appreciate the synergy between their funding requirements and local companies looking to get noticed too.

Effective marketing for an SME can take many forms. Look for the most cost-effective methods first and work your way down to stretch every dollar available in your marketing budget.

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