Do You Need to Enroll in a Digital Marketing Course?

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As digital marketing progresses, it is constantly providing countless opportunities to both students and entrepreneurs. Hence, obtaining a digital marketing certification in this day and age absolutely increases your value proposition—giving you the edge in the digital marketing industry.

According to the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP), the digital marketing industry in the country may blossom to PHP 8 billion worth by 2016, requiring you to grab this opportunity by developing your digital marketing skills through enrolling yourself in a digital marketing course.  Unfortunately, there’s a lack of talent in this field, as only few can demonstrate and understand the core values of digital marketing.  It is, however, preventable if you get yourself certified.

So going back to the question, do you need to enroll in a digital marketing course? My answer is, YES and here are three reasons why:

Reason 1: Offshore Opportunities

Mostly, foreign-owned and big companies are usually investing in digital marketing. Significantly, 77% of businesses have expressed their interest to increase their budgets in this year alone. However, 35% of them thought that lack of staff hinders them from making the most of their digital investment.

With this, companies prefer candidates with solid educational backgrounds or experiences in digital marketing. Most companies look for candidates who can develop and execute a simple (and digestible) marketing strategy across multiple platforms, manage websites social media accounts, generate leads, and convert them to sales.

You will learn all these skills when you enroll yourself in a digital marketing course and have endless opportunities.

Reason 2: Career Roadmap

Evidently, the digital marketing industry has shown great potential to cope with the latest trend and cutting-edge technology. Therefore, if you are a certified digital marketer, you put yourself at the forefront of a developing digital marketing industry in the Philippines.

As stated by The Digital Commerce Association of the Philippines, 85% of the tourism sector has pegged e-commerce revenues at US$ 1 billion last year, as people found booking through online platforms more convenient and accessible.

For this reason alone, your digital marketing certification may be your ticket to an incredible career, as well as a great contribution to our emerging country.

Reason 3: Guided Mentorship

When the company hires fresh graduates (or even with experience), they look for the integrity and credibility of your university and the mentors.  For instance, if you are being guided by quality digital leaders like Janette Toral of or E-Learning EDGE’s President, Hans Eric Roxas-Chua—you have the edge to accelerate your learning process.

These are credible mentors, who took time, sweat, and blood to help boost your confidence to fit in the digital marketing industry.  With this intention, you’ll get the luxury of learning alongside these digital marketing gurus.

You may also opt for other tools that are expensive if you buy them on your own.  For example, buying licensed software or books where you can learn, and enrolling online with extensive digital marketing courses in the Philippines, and be guided by credible mentors and thought leaders.

So, gear up for an exciting career ahead by enrolling in a digital marketing course now!

via Jemar Nicdao,  a 20-something social media enthusiast. His other interests include travelling, music, TV, films… and puppies.