Why a Diff Reconditioning is very Important for the Vehicle


Ned Murray, Negosentro | There are several ways to maintain good health of a vehicle, and one among them is to get the differential checked each time the vehicle runs around 40,000 miles or more. When you get the differential checked, you know whether this needs repairs, or reconditioning. However, if you are a novice to this concept, and had a notion till date that a vehicle only need an oil change and timely servicing, then you must learn more on the role of the differential, and why a diff reconditioning is necessary.


What is the role of differential?

The differential is a machinery in the vehicle which play an important role in controlling the speeds of the wheels. Thus, ensuring to maintain the balance and differently overall balance during cornering or turning a vehicle, the speed between the wheels is constant.

The front wheels in a car are generally different controlled and their speed varies when you are in a bend or corner.  The rear wheels don’t get this facility normally. If there is no differential, then the inner and outer wheels would move together at the same speed, thus making the car skid off the path at turns and corners. However, the addition of the differential has sorted out the problem, and the torque created at the differential is passed to the wheels through the drive shaft in such a way, that both wheels get a different speed during turnings, and the vehicle stays balanced.

If there had been no differential, the vehicle would have got numerous scratches, injuries, and the tyres would have worn before time. But due to the use of this part, the vehicles can roll off perfectly in bends and turns.

Why does the differential needs reconditioning?

The diff needs reconditioning, and in many cases, needs repairs.  This is because when the car runs for miles and with aging, the condition of these parts mostly gets depreciates. This is much normal. Just like the other car’s body and engine, this machine also depreciates with time and high usage.

Thus, to get vehicle back to use, you would have to plan and do a diff reconditioning. This diff reconditioning involves opening the differential, cleaning, fixing, conditioning it, and then again fitting it back. The whole process needs expert handling, and hence you must contact a garage where they do this professionally.

In case you forget conditioning, the differential and its parts are messed with the smelly diff oil, dirt, and worn out, your vehicle may suffer from hiccups, noise, and a bad roar on ignition and acceleration. Besides, the vehicle may breakdown anytime suddenly, and nobody wishes for such things to happen, you must get the parts checked and the differential conditioning done.

Whom to contact for diff reconditioning?

There are many mechanics and clubs who do differential reconditioning. They would either accept the opened differential from you to work on it, or will open your vehicle’s differential, and recondition it.

There are kits available too for reconditioning and fixing, and you may buy one and use. But you must invest in a kit when you are absolutely sure of the job or else you can always find professional help nearby. If you watch few tutorials on how to do the diff reconditioning, you may be able to try this. However, it’s the matter of the vehicle’s health, and you should do this when you are sure.

Diff reconditioning kits and experts both are widely available, and depending on your expertise level you may select any one, to set the vehicle running in best conditions.

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