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Gradually, smartphones are becoming the lifelines of people, fulfilling their daily basic requirements like shopping, paying bills, booking tickets, etc. Do you know what makes smartphones so attractive? Yes, you are right, applications that are obtainable in varied categories, allowing users to perform different tasks from the comfort of their home.

Therefore, applications must be developed smooth, user-friendly, secure and bug-free.

Developing a bug-free application is highly important for your business as users just hate buggy applications. They instantly leave the application if they find a bug in it.

Today, bugs are one of the main reasons of failure of any application. However, developing a bug-free application is not an easy task as you need a right strategy and technique that could eliminate the chances of having a bug in the app. In this post, we will help you to develop a bug-free application for your business that suffices your users’ requirements.

A Guide to Develop a Bug-free Mobile Application

Take the Benefit of Google Analytics

Today, Google Analytics mainly use once the application launches in the market to measure its success like downloads, views, etc. However, it is advisable that you incorporate the Google Analytics before launching your application. This high-end tool gives enormous benefits to users like suggestions that would be helpful to make decisions.

It will also analyze the app’s content patterns, user experience and design and interface of the app. After analyzing your app completely, it will give suggestions to enhance and make it feature-rich. It is true that it will also help after launch to know important elements like daily active users, the retention rate of the app, app engagement and more.

Opt for Paid Programming

Do you know that when the two professional and skilled programmers work on the same project, they review the codes? If they are reviewing the app together after developing, it will boost productivity and quality of the code.

It is considered as the best way to develop a bug-free application that your users would love to use. However, many developers are not following this technique to a large extent. But developers should go with this technique and develop an error free app.

An Excellent Debugger

A good and wonderful debugger is considered as the best strategy to design and develop a bug-free application. There are various IDE like visual studio, etc. that delivers a good debugger. There is no need of identifying and solving bugs as modifying some code part and printing statements can do that easily.

Consider User Experience

Using apps on laptops and desktop is a lot different than using apps on mobile phones. This is the reason why you should design the mobile app and user experience initially. It would not be helpful to port an existing application as the mobile phone has different screen sizes and form factor.

You should go with a creative interface design that attracts your users. You can opt for including unique functionalities that users do not find in existing apps of the same category. While developing an app, you need to give an importance to user experience as this way you can develop an error free app.

Automated Testing & Bug Reports

There are a lot of app testing tools that enable you to perform automate tests and get automated error reports by which you can boost the amount of feedback you are getting. However, beta testing is considered an excellent choice, but it would be a great idea to rely on various people when it comes to knowing the problems.

Not all the people prefer to go through the problem of reaching out to you, it would be a right choice to know issues that they are facing. It is one such situation that leads up to the theoretical error to make and to the final version of the application.

Code Revisions

A code revision can also save a lot of hassle. It is one of the best ways of making sure that the efficiency and quality of your own code are inspected by someone else. No matter you have hired a single developer, team of developers or has project partner, you can easily review other code so that it becomes easy to know the problems. This is one example of various things as a right view and opinion is all you need to solve a problem.

Employing Dedicated Testers

For developing an error-free application, quality assurance is highly important. It is essential that you have various testers, particularly dedicated to each project. Many a times, applications are complex and such apps need the competency of professional testers, who can make your app bug-free. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to financially support testers in such scenario as one develops can test each other’s code.

Security Concerns

When making an application, security is the major concern because most of the bugs appear are the direct result of breaks and issues that occur in this sector. Therefore, app developers need to be careful while dealing with the app security as removing the chances of the app being prone to bugs in this department can enhance the overall product’s steadiness.

You can make the app more secure by testing early in the development process as it will also identify dynamic spots and vulnerabilities in the software’s security. It is extremely easy at the beginning stage of the app development project, so ensure that you test your app and ensure its security.

These are some of the ways to make your application bug-free. You can consider this guide while developing your app and avoid bugs that can irritate your users. To develop a high-end bug-free application, you can also consult a mobile app development company London as there are various experienced app agencies in London to comprehend your requirements and deliver an outstanding solution.

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