Demand For Forklift Operators Is Growing- Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Forklift Operators | Demand For Forklift Operators Is Growing- Here’s Everything You Need To Know | Forklift operators play a major role in a company’s growth and development. They are responsible for operating forklifts, pallet jacks and heavy equipment to unload incoming freight and store the goods in warehouse settings. They are at the core of actions and moving to deliver various goods throughout the day. Their primary responsibilities involve loading and unloading goods, optimizing loads to assure operational efficiency, and recognizing and handling equipment damages.

With the growing demand for forklift trucks in the material handling industry, the demand for forklift drivers is also increasing. Research indicate that 549,900 forklift operators were employed in 2016. The BLS report also states that the growth for machine operators, specifically heavy-industrial trucks or forklift operators will rise by 7% between 2016 and 2026. So, if you want to make a career in forklift operation, here’s everything you need to know:

Forklift Training- The First Step

Driving industrial trucks is not as easy as it looks; it requires a lot of skills. According to stats, 1 in 6 workplace deaths involve forklifts, and the top reason is poorly-trained workers. Accidents caused by forklifts not only cause severe injuries to workers, but also cause a lot of damage and significant losses.

Since driving forklifts involve a lot of risks, any responsible warehouse manager would not let anyone drive forklifts without adequate training. So, it is the employer’s responsibility to make sure that the employees have forklift training to operate the forklift correctly. Allowing trained operators is the only way you can maintain the safety of the workers as well as overall workplace safety.

You Can Work Overseas

In today’s constantly-changing job market, there is always a need for skilled workers, including qualified forklift operators. Of course, employers will not hire unskilled workers as they don’t want to reduce productivity, risk the hazards, and incur fines.

If you have gained relevant forklift certification, you will not only appeal to more employers, but also likely earn more. As a potential employee, the certification will open the doors to more opportunities and better-paying jobs.

A forklift certification shows that you have sufficient skills and credentials to apply for jobs in various work areas. With forklift truck training, the job world is full of potential. Undoubtedly, completing your forklift training course will benefit your future career in many ways.

You Can Earn Good

Pay for forklift drivers depend on their experience level and the industry they work in. However, they usually earn $18 to $22 per hour. This means you can earn on hourly-basis or you can become a full-time forklift operator.

Demand for Forklift Operators Is Increasing

A substantial amount of goods are being exported and imported, and forklift drivers are required to move these goods.

  • The logistics industry is large, and many forklift operators are employed.
  • Turnover among forklift drivers is high.
  • Forklift operators can work in diverse industries.

Forklift operators can work for:

  • Freight companies
  • Distributors
  • Port companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Horticulture companies
  • Forestry companies
  • Supermarkets

Many companies own a forklift, but do not hire a full-time forklift operator. However, they hire staff in other positions that are qualified to use a forklift.

What are the Working Conditions?

Forklift drivers usually work during regular business hours and may have to work on the weekends and evenings as some warehouses are operational 24-hours. They may need to serve extra working hours during busy periods. They work in factories, warehouses, timber yards, cold stores, shipping terminals, and in most weather conditions.

Finding a forklift job is not much of an issue if you are a well- trained and specialist operator. You need to meet the odds of landing the perfect opportunity to become a full-time or an independent forklift operator!

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