Decorating Walls – What Can Be A Beautiful Decorative Method?

decorating walls | Decorating Walls – What Can Be A Beautiful Decorative Method?The most enjoyable stage of house improvement is decorating the premises. Even the smallest of changes in the design can significantly transform and refresh the feel of the room. Having given free rein to your imagination, using improvised means will lead to spending your free time in pure pleasure. The reward for your efforts will be an elegant interior, comfort and good mood.

In the modern world, room decoration testifies to the style, taste, wealth and abilities of the owner. The components of a beautiful and harmonious interior are not only exquisite furniture, fashion trends in decoration and original lamps. Wall decoration is an important detail that will help to make the overall image of the room complete and harmonious.

A successful decoration involves a skillful combination of decorative elements with a base coat and wall material. Even at the stage of building or levelling the surface, you need to decide on the future design. Decorative elements can be located at different technical levels:

  • Zero level implies applying the decor to the basic capital wall of the concrete, brick or wood, previously primed and puttied.
  • The first is a wall with a starting plaster coating.
  • The second level is all about the wall with a finishing plaster, possibly one that’s already painted.
  • The third is a wall in a lived-in room where decorations serve to hide defects.
  • Independent – the surface of the walls does not particularly affect the decoration.

Techniques Used in Decorating Walls During the Construction Phase

At the zero-third technical level, the decoration can imply the performance of certain finishing works. The main types of finishes are:

  • The graphic image on the walls like paintings created with dyes designed for the interior.
  • Frescoing – the invoice is applied to the wet finishing material.
  • Use of tiles and mosaics – ceramic, earthenware, glass or other details are glued to the surface of the wall, which ultimately represents the big picture.
  • Finished decoration items – the simplest and most common type of decoration, including many ways and allowing you to implement various ideas by mounting items on the wall.

DIY Wall Decoration Using Ready-Made Elements

The use of ready-made items in the design of rooms is a brilliant solution to how to decorate your rooms without causing any harm to the walls and still creating a unique space for yourself.  

You can use special designed wallpapers with a finished ornament or a beautiful photo. Wall murals allow you to get a panorama of the city, sea or why not a forest landscape directly in your house. These are among the most universally used 3D wallpapers in this particular series. The wallpaper used in the room has to merge with the design picked and is something that can either be a standout feature or let the stick-on design shine. 

Separately, today they distinguish this type of decor as wall decals. They are convenient, practical, and with their help, even a white plastered wall takes on a radically different look. Due to its low cost, it is also a profitable solution, both for your home, office or why not your public premises. To see examples of stylish stickers – take a look at this page.

Decor elements also include compositions created from simple and banal objects. 

The main list is as follows:

  • paintings, drawings and panels.
  • photos and frames.
  • decorative dishes.
  • mirrors.
  • wood elements.
  • voluminous paintings with your own hands.
  • shelves.
  • plants.
  • collections.
  • fairy lights.

This is only a small part of the ideas that can be applied into wall decors. The main advantage of such solutions is the simplicity of their implementation. To create original decorative details, imagination and a little free time are often enough. But remember that it is worth knowing all your measurements. One effective detail can look much more interesting than a large number of decorative elements on the same wall.

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