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Real Estate Professionals Meet and Share Tips for Success


Negosentro.com | Real estate is an incredibly rewarding career. Connecting people with the homes of their dreams is fulfilling, and there’s nothing like the warm feeling you get from closing a deal that helps both the buyer and seller. However, real estate is also not the easiest career path. It can be confusing and frustrating without a clear path to advancing.

If you’re looking to boost your real estate career, then it’s time to get ready for the Inman Connect in January 2020. This real estate conference is designed to bring together professionals in the residential real estate industry. This weeklong event will explore the current and future landscape of the industry. 

Event Details

The top-producing agents, brokers, entrepreneurs, and marketers will converge on the Marriot Marquis Times Square from January 28 to the 31st. Attendees can enjoy listening to highly regarded industry speakers share their insights on what’s to come for 2020.

The talks will be inspiring and engaging with Q&A sessions afterward. Inman Connect offers the opportunity to network with some of the top A-list professionals in the business. All will come together to create an effective networking group connecting to discuss solutions and offer tips.

Some of the most popular-looking talks and seminars include:

  • How to Pivot Like a Champion with Gary Keller and Brad Inman
  • More Than Just Likes: A Blueprint for Your Social Media Spend with Marki Lemons-Rhyal
  • Can Your Technology Compete? with hosts Robert Reffkin & Josh Team
  • A Day in the Life of a Successful Agent: Hour by Hour with Katie Maxwell Kossev

The speaking panels will be packed with nearly 250 distinguished guests ready to share their ideas and thought-provoking concepts. They’ll reveal ground-breaking information to help re-shape your business modules, and put you on the right track real estate’s nearing future. Attendees will get inspired and excited by the numerous tips that they will be able to start using right away.

The general sessions are designed to address and reach those who specialize in Real Estate Capital, Thriving in a Turning Market, Tech, or work as an agent or broker. Don’t miss out on the networking opportunities to make connections that can last a lifetime. Engage with other real estate professionals putting you closer to that multi-million-dollar deal or referral. Lean on your peers to forge partnerships no matter where you’re at within your career. Guests will chat and build relationships throughout the hallways, in elevators or during lunch. 

Take a break and learn about the latest real estate tech created by various companies. You’ll be on top of which technologies are headed to transforming the professional world of real estate when chatting with leading tech gurus in the market. Enjoy taking part or using some of the gadgets on display. Find out quickly which is the go-to technology being used in Partner Showcase and Start-Up Alley.

Pricing and Registration

Sign up now with the different levels of pricing that include:

  • Basic Pass – $699 ($899 door price)
  • General Pass – $1,199 ($1,499 door price)
  • All Access Pass – $1,749 ($2,049 door price)

There will be discounted room rates at the host hotel, the Marriot Marquis Time Square. If these rooms sell out, you’ll obviously have many options for accommodations in New York City. But here’s a tip you may not be aware of if you don’t travel to New York often. It’s actually much more affordable, and just as convenient, to book a hotel in Jersey City, NJ instead of staying in Manhattan. It’s easy to find Jersey City hotels near the PATH train, which takes you into Manhattan within minutes. A hotel like the Hyatt House Jersey City is a great choice since it’s very close to the PATH. You also enjoy a great view of Manhattan from across the Hudson River, something you’ll sorely miss staying in midtown.

The Inman Connect Real Estate 2020 conference will have on hand nearly 4,000 professionals known within the industry as key players. Expect to meet and listen to high performers sharing their valuable experience. Learn from industry influencers, top strategists, and people who get things done. Mark your calendar for January 28 to the 31st of the New Year. Be ready to jumpstart your career and take it to the next level.

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