How To Create A Profitable Affiliate Site


Ray Grabo |  No one ever said that making a profitable website was easy, and affiliate sites certainly aren’t an exception. They take knowledge, dedication and plenty of motivation. After all, while making any old site is a walk in the park, creating one that is profitable is much more than putting together a good-looking site. With effective marketing, finding the right type of affiliate websites and much more to consider, this certainly isn’t a task for just anyone. However, while it may not be a simple task, there are things to know that can help you in your journey, and we’ve pulled together a quick guide to help you out.

The Best Kinds Of Affiliate Sites

Like with any kind of website, affiliate sites come in all different shapes and sizes and some are, of course, far more effective than others. However, while there are plenty of affiliate sites that could prove to be effective, there are five in particular that often come with higher success rates than their competitors, and they are as follows:


  • Comparison


Comparison sites are some of the most common affiliate sites you’ll find on the internet, and rightly so. From insurance to products, there is a comparison site for everything. You could opt for a site that compares food supplements, or one that provides users with in-depth details on a range of different products – whatever the case, comparison sites are popular for a reason. Always make sure you are adding value for your users that they cannot easily find elsewhere, like this casino affiliation site targeting the Philippines. Adding relevant and rich information will gain you the trust of your visitors. Remember, they will come to your site with a reason and are more likely to become a buying customer which, of course, brings in more profit!


  • Coupons And Discounts


Just like a comparison site, visitors will come to your coupons and discounts affiliate with the intention of buying something if they find a good enough deal. Aiding customers in finding the best deals will not only give you a better brand reputation by helping them save money, but it will also provide you with far more conversions. Intention is key when it comes to affiliate sites – if your customers are more likely to buy, then you’ll bring in a better profit.


  • Affiliate Blogs


If you already have a blog, turning it into an affiliate site is far easier than you may think, and could prove to be extremely profitable – especially if you already have an audience. There are a few ways that you could do this – firstly, you could affiliate market directly on your blog by reviewing and linking to tools, or you could use the blog to build up an email list and recommend products to subscribers. While this isn’t technically a full site, it’s certainly something to consider if you run a blog.


  • Product Reviews


When people buy things, they want to know exactly what they’re getting, and they usually do this through reviews – so what better way to bring in readers than with a review site? While this doesn’t quite have the same conversion rate as a price comparison affiliate site, it can certainly bring in a profit, as users are often looking for reasons to buy something. Posting good, but fair and honest reviews will not only promote your visitors to buy a product, but it can also build your own brand’s reputation as a trustworthy affiliate site.


  • Unusual Products


If there’s one trend in the consumer market that is worth jumping on, it’s the love for all things weird and wonderful. In fact, sites such as ThisIsWhyI’mBroke are already proving successful, so why not jump on the bandwagon? Reviewing and listing unusual products will attract a niche audience, but can also attract those just looking to pass some time. While this can have a low conversion rate without effort put into selling the products, it’s certainly a fun way to get a little profit out of your affiliate site!

The Steps You Need To Take

Creating a successful affiliate site takes much more than simply starting up a well themed website. In fact, that’s the easy part. Getting your website out into the world and bringing in leads is where it can become difficult, and where many entrepreneurs can often fail. While there is no set strategy to ensuring your website gets the attention it deserves, we have gathered together three steps to take to help ensure that your affiliate site is a successful and profitable one:


  • Get a Domain And Hosting Account


This may seem like a given, but ensuring that you have a domain name and a hosting account is the most important thing you need to do. Even if you choose to build your site on WordPress, for example, you’ll need a domain name and a host to truly bring your site to life. Pick a domain name that is catchy, memorable, and original, and ensure that it reflects what your site is going to provide its users. After all, this is one of the first things they’ll see when visiting your site, so ensuring that you have it perfect is vital.


  • Make The New Site User-Friendly


The importance of user experience can’t be stressed enough. Ensuring that your website is not only user-friendly, but easy and interesting to follow is one of the best ways to ensure that the leads you gain turn into conversions. After all, no visitor is going to click through on a site that they can’t navigate. An attractive, aesthetically pleasing and easy to use site is ideal, but make sure that it’s not so simple that it makes your affiliate site look basic.


  • Market!


Marketing has never been more important or as easily accessible as it is today. With countless effective email marketing options to choose from, and the amazingly free access to social media that can be utilised to the fullest, there’s nothing stopping even the lowest budgets from getting out there and marketing. With resilience, time and plenty of determination, free marketing techniques can be a great way to get your site out there!

Hopefully this has given you a starting point for your affiliate site. Whether you opt for a comparison site, or you want to delve into the world of affiliate blogging, there’s something out there for everyone. With research and plenty of motivation, you never know where your site could go.

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