Cosmetic Dentistry Trends: What Dental Procedures Have Surged in Demand During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Cosmetic Dentistry Trends
Image source: | Cosmetic Dentistry Trends: What Dental Procedures Have Surged in Demand During the COVID-19 Pandemic? | Despite the serious risks posed by the ongoing global pandemic, there are still a good number of individuals who sought the services of their local cosmetic dentist. Observing strict precautionary measures may be a matter of life and death at present, but that should not be an excuse for people to neglect other aspects of their health. Particularly, maintaining good oral hygiene and keeping teeth and gums healthy should still be part of everybody’s daily routine.

The need for cosmetic dental services includes procedures that enhance the shape and colour of the patient’s teeth, along with dental implants that aid people with missing or incomplete teeth. 

From the start of the year 2020, there have been significant trends and innovations that emerged and became more prevalent in the field of cosmetic dentistry:

Emax Crowns

Emax Crows is a type of dental crown made of a special variation of ceramic. It is among the most recent advancements in dental services, and it is also highly recommended due to its durability. Patients whose teeth were severely damaged by cavities or tooth decay will surely benefit from it. Aside from its durability, Emax crowns are excellent at enhancing the stability and overall shape and structure of the wearer’s teeth.

Zirconia Crown

Using zirconium in various dental restoration procedures has helped produce sturdier and long-wearing alternatives for damaged teeth. Crowns made from zirconium are known to be tough enough to replicate the regular function and strength of a real tooth. It also looks aesthetically pleasing because of how it resembles the flawless shine of porcelain.

Needle-less Sedation

In the past, some patients had to be injected with a sedative before they underwent major surgeries and operations involving their oral health. The said method is not entirely ideal for all individuals. Some people get extremely anxious about needles or being punctured by an injection. As such, experts developed a great alternative to sedate patients before their dental appointment. A tranquillizer pill is given to the patient, and they have to take one the night before their operation, and another on the day of the procedure. The strength of the pill is safe and strong enough that it does not leave patients completely out of it when taken. It also leaves them in a calm and peaceful state so that they are unable to feel pain while undergoing the operation or surgery. 

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners, like EZ Smile Aligners, are preferred by around 75% of patients because it enables them to carry on with their daily routines while also boosting their self-confidence. Since it is not entirely visible, clear aligners hardly make people feel self-conscious whenever they are using or wearing it. Moreover, plastic-based aligners are more comfortable and less prone to scratching gums.


Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) in cosmetic dentistry refers to a procedure that creates and produces inlays, veneers, implants and crowns within the same day that the patient gets a consultation and has their teeth scanned. It is a state-of-the-art and highly advanced technology that makes it possible to generate instant results. It is excellent for people who need a more custom-fit replacement or support for their teeth. 

You can consult your local cosmetic dentist for additional information on the innovations on dental procedures listed in this blog. Remember to observe social distancing at all times and practise proper oral hygiene regularly!