5 Content Marketing Tips for Training Professionals

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Over the years, the practice of professional training has helped various industries build an effective workforce that is essential for their sustainability. In fact, the popularity of such valuable practices has given birth to numerous training organizations, which are now an industry of their own. And like any other industry, they can also benefit from effective content marketing.

The world is currently witnessing a significant change in the media consumption habits while the demographic diversity continues to grow. Content marketing has emerged as the most valuable tool to communicate with the prospective clients in such critical time. Since the competition in the training and assessment industry tends to grow, it is high time that the training professionals adopt content marketing to establish their own identity in the market.

More than 90 percent of the marketers are now adopting content marketing since it has produced positive results in the recent times. If you are a training professional, who has no idea how to incorporate this new strategy into your operations, don’t worry. Here are five incredible tips that may help you execute content marketing strategies effectively.

  • Identify Your Brand Personality:

Most training organizations don’t acknowledge it, but identifying your brand personality is one of the basics. To position your company as a unique brand, it is important to understand who are you and how does your brand identity separate you from your peers.

Once you develop a better understanding of your own brand personality, you can use content marketing to establish that. Everything regarding your operations, starting from your brand logo to the colors of your website, need to reflect your brand personality.

Just take the example of Apple’s iPhone and Samsung mobiles. Both are smartphone manufacturer brands, but you can see the difference the way they both approach their respective target market. While Samsung mobiles stress more on the casual day-to-day uses, mostly among youngster, iPhone has a more sophisticated approach that focuses on high-end uses meant for business class people.

Your brand personality should highlight your potential. Twisting the facts, too much exaggeration and false information will not be effective in today’s market. You need to understand what the clients want from a training organization. Usually, the clients look for a company that is accessible, efficient and encouraging. So it will be wiser if you direct your content marketing activities by highlighting those traits.

  • Be Subtle About Selling The Service:

Content marketing does not jump directly to selling the product or service. Instead, it takes a more subtle approach in pursuing the customer. Just put yourself in the shoes of your consumers. Would you like to read a piece of content that only translates to “buy this and buy that”? No, right? Well, the customers feel the same way.

Create content that is more enjoyable and can initiate engagements from the customer’s end. Informative content always works, but you need to see how they can endorse your brand in a subtle way.

As mentioned previously, your focus should be on creating business blogs that comply with your industry. Once you engage the consumer with interesting content, they will be more open to a sales message that you place subtly in the content.

  • Choose The Right Set of Channels:

In order to prepare a successful content marketing strategy, you need to identify which channel should be right for the content marketing activities. Today’s marketers usually rely on social media platforms. It has become a norm for every professional company to maintain social media accounts on the major platforms.

However, you need to be smart while choosing these channels. Social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube are great for content promotion, but since your service is based on training programs, those channels won’t be ideal for you. However, there’s no harm in running a profile in those platforms. They will keep your followers engaged from time to time.

For a training organization, Facebook and Twitter (to some extent) are more preferable channels for employing content marketing strategies. However, you cannot just post anything and everything on those social media platforms. It is quite evident that the clients and the prospects don’t visit these websites to see sales pitch. You need to engage them with engaging content like images, videos and especially blogs.

Online blogs are the most effective tool for content marketing. Once you know where most of your clients are, you can create and distribute content that will raise awareness regarding your brand among the readers while informing and entertaining them. Also, make sure the content is engaging. That will initiate more shares on the internet.

  • Use Business Blogs To Get Better Visibility:

As mentioned earlier, online blogs are perhaps the most useful element of a content marketing strategy. However, you need to use it in a smart way. Apart from making company announcements, blogs can be used as a resource as well.

Business blogs are slightly different than regular online blogs that you get to see online. Instead of covering a variety of topics, business blogs focus on a particular business. This kind of blogs can help you show your brand personality, and not to forget, they can also serve as the source of all the information a client or a lead (who has the potential to become a client in the future) may need.

The keyword research plays a big part in determining what kind of information your target audience is looking on the internet. And now that Google is prioritizing search results as per user intent, providing accurate and informative content around the particular keyword has become essential to get better visibility in the search results like if user search custom writing then it will show the results related to this query.  

Blogs can also be used for nurturing the leads. Once you establish yourself as a credible source of information, you can educate and engage your existing clients as well as the potential ones.

  • Employ Email Marketing, But In A Smarter Way:

Content marketing is not just limited to just blogs and keyword positioning. Surely, they play a crucial role in executing a content marketing strategy, but there are several other tools, which you can employ in order to boost your chances of succeeding.

Email marketing has been quite effective in the past decade, and it is still effective. However, the regulations like GDPR are making it difficult for the marketers to strategize an effective email marketing campaign.

Since you operate in a B2B ecosystem, email marketing is a must. Marketers are now adopting time-based email marketing to sustain in the changing environment, and if you want more engagement from your customers, you should start doing it as well.

If you are responsible for the marketing activities in the organization, you can use email automation to send personalized content to the targeted audiences at the right time. Personalized emails have worked in the past, and they still do, but now you need to ensure they are sent to the right people at the right time.

If we look at the trends, it is safe to say that content marketing is here to stay, and if you want your business to grow in this competitive environment, you cannot ignore content marketing for long.

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