A Complete Guide to Buy Refurbished Smartphones


James William, Negosentro |  Smartphones are a costly piece of technology and everyone cannot afford them. As such, making a purchase of second-hand mobile phone is more economical in contrast to embracing a new brand new product.

Purchasing a second-hand smartphone comes to our mind when we want to buy a high-end smartphone and we don’t have the big amount that they cost. There are a great number of things that you must look in for if you don’t want to waste your money. This complete guide will keep you away from the risk and danger of buying an incorrect smartphone.

When you begin the search for looking for a second-hand smartphone, then this doesn’t mean that going in a shop and come out buying a phone. Make sure that the second-hand product that you buy is legit, correctly works and will not end up costing you a lot.

What is the Price?

The idea of purchasing a second-hand product is that it will cost you a lesser amount. Check a couple of local shops or even you can search online for the minimum price to buy a second-hand product. The price might differ depending upon the overall condition of a mobile phone, guarantee and warranty if any, accessories bundled and so on.

Usually, the mobile phone that is used for a smaller period of time, its overall condition is much better. A reliable seller will inform you that if the smartphone is used for 3 months, 6 months or likewise. On the other hand, there is a probability that a smartphone used only for a month might have more damages than the one that is used for six months. So, it is vital that look out for the product which is thoroughly tested.

Is There Any Damage to the Phone?

When purchasing a second-hand smartphone there is a possibility that the product is not absolutely perfect. While some people very well take care of their phones, like make use of screen protectors and covers, and other people just throw their mobile phones in bags and pockets. You need to assure that the phone you are thinking to buy correctly works because people tend to sell damaged and faulty and faulty smartphones as well.

The best technique to know that you get the best value for your money is to find that a smartphone is completely tested and refurbished by the seller. In this way, you will know that the screen is fine, buttons work precisely, as well the camera, headphones and speaker.

  • Undertake an Exhaustive Physical Inspection of the Phone

Make sure to explore the smartphone from every aspect in order to detect the bruised or broken edges. In case the device has a keypad, then check out for the broken keys, if any. Watch out if the physical keys accurately work by randomly pressing some of them in order to check if they click well and also, if they enable you to type effortlessly. Assess the touch screen functionality and sensitivity of mobile phones by rotating your fingers around the screen.

  • Examine the Usability of Accessories and Ports

In case you are purchasing a second-hand smartphone along with the ports and accessories, then scrutinize the latter very carefully. Check out whether the charger is operational by charging the phone for a couple of minutes while checking the time taken to charge a phone.

Keep in mind, to check the irregularities with the battery, for example, if it gets heated very early. Also, watch out if the battery drains fast. After that, examine whether the headphones correctly functions by plugging it into a device and also, the volume and sound clarity. Sum up, with an assessment that a second-hand smartphone USB port by functioning a quick data transfer for confirming that the port works in a good condition.

Is it stolen?

All the smartphones are assigned a unique number which is called as IMEI.  It is best to ask for the IMEI number before making a purchase, because this number will help you in assuring the phone has not been stolen. Also, purchasing a second-hand smartphone from a reliable seller assures that the phone is undergone through strict testing before it is placed for reselling.

Can A Second-Hand Smartphone be used on All Networks?

Basically, a second-hand smartphone cannot be always used on all the networks. Some brand new products are locked with a specific mobile phone network; however, others might come with unlocked which signifies that you can make use of them on any network.

Selecting an alternative that is ideal for you and significantly comes down to what mobile phone network you are with or are making plans to be with. If this doesn’t matter to you, then you can select anything.

In case you will change the providers, then going with an unlocked smartphone will be the best option.

What To Do If it Gets Break Down?

Whenever, you purchase a new smartphone, you will have the peace of mind as you know that it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. This implies that in case the phone breaks down, stop working or has some sort of problem (within a one year); the manufacturer will cover up the cost of replacing or even replace it with NO cost.

With regards to purchasing a used mobile phone, the warranty is not covered under it and so any defects or defaults that occur must be repaired at your own cost. However, if you look to purchase a refurbished smartphone, then it will come with a warranty period.

Implementing these tips will help you in making a good purchase with no glitches attached.

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