Common Types of Sex Crimes

Common Types of Sex Crimes

Common Types of Sex Crimes | Sex crimes affect millions of Americans each year in one way or another. These crimes include sex-related actions towards a person without their consent. Sex crimes or actions may be prosecuted as criminal offenses at the state or federal level because the laws that govern them vary from state to state. 

People convicted of sex crimes can face severe penalties, including a minimum of 10 years in prison. To add to this, they can also have their names added to the state and federal sex offender’s registry, and this will remain on their record permanently. 

If you are facing any sexual crime charges, it is crucial that you hire an excellent attorney to help you fight the charges, especially if you are not guilty. A federal criminal defense attorney will examine your case and come up with the best defense for you. 


This is one of the most serious sexual offenses that one can be charged with. Rape is considered as the forceful penetration of a victim’s mouth, vagina, or anus using a penis or other object without their consent. Anyone can be a victim of rape regardless of their gender, age, sexual orientation, race, abilities, or culture. Rape can also include the use of drugs, alcohol, or any other substance to immobilize the victim or make them unconscious. 

This crime can be committed by a stranger, an employer, a relative, a date, a friend, or an acquaintance. At times, a spouse can also face rape charges, especially if they are also facing a domestic violence charge. A person or people can also be convicted of gang rape. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the crime, it is serious and is punishable by law.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault does not necessarily have to end in sex. However, it is still a crime. Anytime someone manipulates, forces, or coerces another person to take part in any form of sexual activity against their consent, they can be accused of sexual assault. This act can be by penetrating a person’s anus or vagina using any other part of the body, such as a finger or objects like bottles.

Sexual assault is any form of action or threat to another person without their consent. This type of sexual crime can happen between strangers, couples, or friends of the opposite or same gender. It can also include some degree of violence.

Sexual Harassment

A person can be convicted of sexual harassment if they are found guilty of touching or asking someone else to touch their private parts. This also includes sharing dirty jokes or showing someone sexual objects, gestures, or pictures that make them feel uncomfortable.

Sexual harassment is common in workplaces and schools. It is a very serious crime, and perpetrators of such crimes can face severe penalties and jail time. 

Child Sexual Abuse

This is persuading, exposing, forcing, enticing, or inciting a child to take part in sexual activity. It can involve indecent exposure, oral sex, rape, or non-penetrative acts like kissing, masturbation, or touching outside or inside clothing. This crime can also include involving or allowing a child to look at or take part in the production of pornography. 

Talk to a Criminal Defense Attorney

These and more sexual crimes are serious offenses, and if you have been charged with any sexual crime, you need to get in touch with a criminal defense attorney as soon as you are arrested. An attorney will advise you, review your case, and help you understand more about the charges against you, the possible penalties or sentencing, and how they can help you defend yourself.

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