Comfortable Home Additions

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Bert Legaspi, |  Comfortable Home Additions | Whether you want to increase the value of your home or you need more space, remodeling and room additions might be an option. There are several design ideas that you can talk to a contractor about so that you have a room that provides the function that your family needs, such as an additional bathroom or a bedroom. When you add a room to the home, you’ll also increase the value, making it easier to sell in the future.

One room that is an easy addition to the home is a sunroom or a garden room. You will usually build this area on the back of the house. Some people will utilize a deck that is already in place as the base for this addition. A contractor can create the addition by remodeling a connecting wall so that there is a door that leads to the room. French doors or a sliding door is usually the best option. Carpeting for outdoors or tile that is protected from moisture is often the best material to use for the floor of the room. You can create a space that is relaxing that includes a couch or a few chairs. Another option would be to use the space for entertaining with a bar, music that is piped in, and bright lights.

Some homes don’t have the living space that you might need for your family. If you plan to have more children in the future, you want to entertain family and friends or you want to have the family over for special events and holidays, then a larger living room might be in order. Make the room feel comfortable and relaxing instead of a space that just has a few places to sit and a television. Put a bookshelf in a corner for books and decorations. Add an electric fireplace for a warm atmosphere. Bright colors on the couches, chairs, and curtains will liven up the room so that you’re living there instead of being in a darker environment that might not make you want to spend time with the family in the home during the day.

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