Cold Calling: 7 Important Statistics You Should Know

Cold Calling: 7 Important Statistics You Should Know Call Recording as a Service vs. On-Premise Solutions

Negosentro | Cold Calling: 7 Important Statistics You Should Know | You may have heard that cold calling is “dead.” You also might think that since these days, so many people have caller ID on their phones, it will make it harder to get the person on the other end to answer. The truth is, these are mere misconceptions.

Here are some factual and vital statistics you should know about cold calling:


  • It Takes an Average of 8 Calls to Reach a Potential Customer


One might feel easily discouraged when the first several calls don’t land a conversion. However, the truth is, you’ll have to make approximately the right phone calls before you even reach a possibly interested consumer.


  • Cold Calling is More Effective at Certain Times of the Day


Not surprisingly, early in the morning and late at night at the worst times to engage in cold calling. Between 4 and 5 p.m. is generally the best time to call, probably because many people are off work. The second best time to call? Anytime between 11 and noon.


  • Getting Personal is Key


Consumers can tell right off the bat if you’re simply all about business or if you’re a genuine person trying to do their job. Getting a little personal is a good approach to cold calling. A simple, “How are you doing today?” is a great way to get the consumer engaged. Remember, you’re human. Sell like a human, not a robot.


  • You’re 50% More Likely to Get a Conversion on a Wednesday


For whatever reason, it’s easier to get conversions via cold calling on Wednesdays. So, if you’re to take off any day of the week, it better not be a Wednesday. On the other hand, Mondays and the second half of Fridays are bad times for cold calling.


  • Using Collaborative Terms Sells


Part of showing authority in your field of business is speaking in team player talk. Collaborative terms like “us,” “our,” and “we” are good examples of words to use during a cold call to improve your chances of conversion.


  • Slowing Down Your Talking Speed is More Effective


Some salespeople feel the need to speak quickly, assuming that the faster they talk, the more their prospective customers will hear before they click the hang-up button. The truth is, speaking a little slower makes you appear friendlier, less aggressive, calmer, more genuine, more intelligent, and most importantly, you’ll be easier to understand on the other end. So, slow down!


  • Most Consumers Assume Unknown Callers Are Scammers


Over 90% of consumers assume a call is going to be fraudulent when they see an incoming call from an unknown number, especially from another area code. So, if and when they answer, it’s a good idea to start out by saying what the call is going to be about. Honesty is the best policy.

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Cold calling might seem difficult or nearly impossible in today’s times. In reality, it’s still very much alive in the world of business. It’s a matter of being good at what you do to receive conversions. From refraining from making most of your calls in the morning to using certain terms when speaking, there are many ways to boost your conversion rate via cold calling.

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