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Amelie Lawrence, Negosentro |  Running an auto shop might sound lucrative, but there are a number of other fundamentals which you must take into account while running an auto shop.

Let’s have a look at what are the basics of running an auto shop –

  1. Certification – ASE certification is required for your car repair professional and not for the car repair shop. But if you have ASE certification then it enhances credibility among the business. It will give car owners a unique confidence to trust the auto shop with their own cars. But obtaining an ASE certification requires a minimum two years of educational experience and one year of work experience.
  2. Startup Costs – It is very important to ascertain the financial part of opening an auto shop. Of course, you cannot take into account all the costs, but it is very important to ascertain the initial cost which will be required in opening a car repair shop.
  3. Specialization – In order to have a closer look at the ASE certification, you must know that it has got various subdivisions for which certifications have been provided. The various categories are – automobiles, collision repair, heavy truck, school bus, transit bus, and truck equipment. So, you can choose any one and become a specialist.
  4. Regulations – Now comes the legal implications of opening an auto shop. You must understand that auto shop is not only about financial implications; it is also about understanding the legalities behind it. You need a lawyer so that the regular and licensing arrangement is proper.
  5. Correct Manpower – Manpower is the blood and soul of an auto shop. Thus, it is very important to have correct people in your shop. This is what will make or break your shop and thus it is very important part of the business and credibility aspect of your shop.
  6. Publicity – It’s very important to go for the correct form of publicity so that the crowd is attracted to your auto shop. And these days nothing works without a good publicity campaign. Thus, you must analyze while deciding the budget regarding how many part you want to keep aside for publicity pricing.
  7. Pricing – Initially you must come up with attractive price brackets so that the customer gets attracted towards your shop. Time to time the auto shop must come up with discounted pricing so that you could get the benefit of the skimmed public.
  1. Maintenance – In addition to the repair, it is very important to take into account the maintenance part also. Majority of the parts on your vehicle is interrelated and thus all of them require proper maintenance to work smoothly together.
  2. Warranty – Mostly repairs are not covered under warranty. So, whenever you go for a warranty, please make sure that what all are covered under the warranty. This will give you an indication of how and for what you should approach an auto shop for car repair.
  3. Service Contracts – Many automobile companies sell service contracts along with your vehicles. Not all service contracts are same and they vary a lot. So, make sure that you have a closer look at your service contracts.
  4. Location – you must remember that auto shops involve the use of chemicals and petrol. Thus, it must be set up in a well-placed and safe location.

Auto shops are technical and thus opening them also need to make many important decisions including some of the major decisions given above. Make sure that all of the major points are checked thoroughly and none of them is missed. In addition to these, there are many other important considerations to be made.

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