Choosing the Right Briefs According to Your Body Shape

Choosing the Right Briefs According to Your Body Shape Body Sculpting
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Choosing the Right Briefs According to Your Body Shape | Then women purchase specific things like cosmetics, glasses, etc., they find it easy to buy them according to the face cut. But, when the point is of buying innerwear, most of the women are very unsure which one suits their body type. In this regard, every woman has their own choice of wearing cool boxers, but those who are confused in choosing the best ladies underwear are quite struggling.

Moreover, make sure while picking undergarments to think whether you have to accentuate your natural shape. That means buying the lingerie according to the shape of the body; otherwise, your overall look will be ruined.

So, if you are one of the women who get confused while buying innerwear, then this guide will help you to buy according to your body type and also help you to look attractive and elegant. Let’s get started with some tips for buying the right undergarments.

Rounded shape or apple-shaped

If your body shape is like an apple, then you might find difficulty in choosing the best bra and panties as you need models which can easily cover the critical area. Apart from that, you also have to take care that it may not cause visible lines on the stomach and waist area. 

So, according to the experts, you must look for high-waist models with round cuts so that you can get rid of unwanted itching and pain due to improper innerwear. 

Moreover, one more option is there for you, which is boy-cut; but make sure it will fit well. Here one thing you have to keep in mind is your comfort after wearing them.

The rectangle body shape

The rectangle shape is that type of body that does not have defined curves. This is the reason women having this type of body make efforts to frame the body nicely. With this, you can go for elastic models, which will make you feel highly comfortable because they can quickly re-shape the critical areas. 

Moreover, if you talk about the bra, then go for an old but gold push-up which helps in increasing the size of the breasts. Overall, it is essential to note that whatever you wear will only look attractive if you buy the right size.


Triangle shape is also called pear shape body in which women have to face many difficulties while shopping for bra and panties if they choose together. The reason is they can’t wear both of the same sizes. 

So, according to the experts, it’s better not to choose models as they don’t cover your back enough.

Apart from that, make sure you should buy one size bigger panties to feel comfortable and relaxed. Moreover, you also have to try various cuts and fabric and see whether you are feeling comfortable while wearing it or not.

Very few curves or inverted triangle

Women having this type of body have different needs if you compare it with the triangle-shaped body. The reason is they have more prominent shoulders and also breasts. However, the abdominal area and the back area is small if you compare them with other parts of the body. 

Moreover, women having this type of body don’t like themselves just because of body shape. But, if you want to look attractive and elegant then why don’t you choose the right clothes like wear panty that don’t cover much back and one size smaller in regards to the bra?

The hourglass

This type of body shape is a unique type that only exists in the stereotypical size range. That means, if are one of the women who have exact measure 36-24-36 then you will easily find a number of variety in innerwear in the market like, cool boxers, etc. 

The reason for this is your shoulder and hips are of the same width and also there is slender waistline. Overall, you can say everything will fit well with this body type.

The final words

Women have different body shapes and sizes, and in this regard, finding the right option in ladies boxers is no doubt a bit confusing. But make sure you should not make choosing undergarments a headache to you as you have to recognise various factors before buying these pairs. 

No matter how stylish the dress is that you are wearing, if you are not wearing the right-fit innerwear, you might have to face discomfort and things will not look perfect on you. 

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