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Because of the convenience and flexibility of multi-level marketing (MLM), a lot of individuals are now taking advantage of this business model to earn. With MLM, you have the opportunity to sell in-demand products and earn residual income without the need huge capital upfront. You don’t also have to hire any employees just to get the ball the rolling. And while MLM can become the be-all and end-all to all of your financial woes, you should be aware of the risks involved. For one, the possibility of being scammed by an illegal MLM business is there.

With the number of MLM businesses operating today, choosing one can be a challenge. This is especially true if you don’t have any idea on how this industry works. Aside from learning the ins and outs of the MLM industry from avoiding Ponzi schemes should also be one of your top priorities. You should only consider legitimate MLM businesses. Here are a few examples:

  • doTERRA: doTERRA is a neophyte in the industry. It only started its operations in May 2018 but is already dominating a huge consumer base in Utah (about 33% of its entire population). And because more and more people are fascinated with essential oils and anything that’s natural, you can expect that doTERRA will continue to have exponential growth in the coming years.

What makes them different? Undeniably, doTERRA is the market leader when it comes to essential oils. This is the most preferred brand by many customers, so if you do sign up with this MLM business, you won’t have a hard time scouting for a market. This niche is trending today, so expect that you’ll be able to haul in more customers in the long run.

  • Jeunesse Global: Products that help customers reduce wrinkles made Jeunesse famous. This MLM business sells different kinds of products that can help customers look and feel younger. From hair care to daily essentials such as lotions and capsules, customers can easily find all of these in Jeunesse. It promises to create life-changing results through its line of revolutionary products.

What makes them different? Jeunesse is one of the fastest growing MLM businesses as vouched by the Direct Selling Association. Its products are trending yet effective at the same time – a combination which is hard to find in MLM businesses.

  • Younique: A lot of people wear makeup, but not all of them can afford to buy expensive brands. This is where Younique stands out. This MLM business has been offering high-quality makeup products at a very affordable rate, making them one of the best brands on the market today. It offers lipsticks and moisturizers priced at $19 and $39, respectively. It also promoted products through different social media platforms.

What makes them different? Younique made a mark when it started to provide home parties to women. It started in Utah and gradually expanded to different parts of the world. Not only did the parties showcase and encouraged women empowerment, but these also became an effective marketing campaign for the business.

  • Digital Altitude: While it might be true that a business can provide countless opportunities to earn, effectively managing one isn’t as easy. However, this is not the case with Digital Altitude, which gained its reputation in the industry. It offers online personal development programs that are very helpful for budding business owners. Its e-learning sessions are aimed at teaching their members how to expand their audience reach when promoting products and services.

What makes them different? The number of people who are patronizing its products is growing at a fast rate. This means that once you sign up with Digital Altitude, you’ll have the chance to work with a large market. This can translate to more customers and income over time!

  • Scentsy: Any home will feel and smell better with a scented candle. The aroma it brings can help you relax after a tiring day from school or work. So if you’re someone who’s fond of scented candles, consider signing up with Scentsy. This MLM business sells wickless scented candles – a smart innovation to a timeless product. A wide variety of products is also available from this brand – from diffusers, room sprays, and bathroom cleaners to laundry liquid, Scentsy has got you covered!

What makes them different? Scentsy is among Forbes’ Midsize Employers list, which serves as a guarantee that this MLM business is legit. Because it offers multiple product options, you’ll be able to sell products that suit every homeowner’s preferences!

Make Careful Decisions

Don’t immediately sign up with an MLM business just because it promises to provide you with a steady source of income or a series of training for newbies likes you. You should pour in time and effort in looking into the track record of the MLM business before working with it. You don’t want to work with an illegal MLM business or end up being scammed, right? Scrutinize an MLM business for you to make sound decisions.

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