Choose the best roof color for your home

Choose the best roof color for your home Why Should You Consider Availing Roof Restoration Services?

Negosentro | Choose the best roof color for your home | If you are thinking of replacing your roof or if you want to simply upgrade it, you might want to consider changing the color of it as well. It’s high time you give your roof all the love it needs and what a better way to show this love than painting it in a fresh new color! 

You can hire a roofing contractor from this website for this purpose or can simply go for a DIY project. It can be a fun family project. You can now paint your roof in any color of your choice. This will give your house a new look it so dearly needs. Any color you go for will enhance your mood and will give a fresh or bold look to your interior depending on what type of paint color you go for. 

 So, when you get a chance to change the colors of your shingles don’t miss this chance. Although the choice is totally up to you to choose the color of your roof, we will be lending you a helping hand through this post so that you can choose the best color according to your geographical location and your taste.

1. Size of your house:

The first thing that you should consider while choosing a color for the shingles of your house is the size of your house. Using dark colors for small houses may give them an illusion of being smaller. You should avoid going with dark colors if you have a small house because the house will hide in the shades and will give it an appearance of being small. You can go for lighter colors because they will make your house look bigger and spacious, and will increase the value of your house. Large houses can easily get away with dark shingles and they look good on them.

2. Choose a color that compliments your interior:

If you have lighter sidings then you can go for darker shade shingles and vice versa. If your house is tall then having a dark roof and light sidings will make it look shorter. The same method goes for short houses. Also, choose colors that compliment your interior and your surroundings too.

You can use the following guide to choose the right color for your roof.


3. Roof colors for a house having multiple textures and colors:

If your house has multiple colors and textures, you can find that one color that would go well with all of them. For this, you can try matching the shingle with the trim. Make sure that the color doesn’t clash, otherwise, it will be a disaster and you won’t be able to change it for a long time due to financial constraints.

4. Consider the climate of your region:

One of the major considerations for choosing color should be the climate. If your climate is cold then you should go for dark roof colors. Dark colors don’t reflect the sunrays and absorb the light. If your shingles are of dark colors, this will lead to the high temperature of your shingles. This will resultantly increase the temperature of your interior and will lead to a lower heating bill. Also, the absorption of light will increase the temperature of the shingles which will help in the melting of the snow.

However, if you live in a warmer area then you should go for lighter shingles. Lighter shingles do not absorb the energy and instead reflect it. This will help the house cool down.

5. Effects of natural lightning on your home:

Also, consider the hue that sunlight casts on your roof and what color will suit your roof accordingly. New Englanders might want to go with blue and gray colors. People in Pacific Northwest have an evergreen environment so gray, green, and brown color schemes will suit them best.  

In the South West, the weather is warm and so colors such as orange, brown, red, gold, and, yellow would look better.

Southern homes can have light-colored shingles with coatings to prevent them from algae.

6. Consider the architectural style:

Neutral and dark shades of shingles almost suit all types of houses. Contemporary homes lacking a distinct style go with neutral tones. The Mediterranean-style homes can also go with red and orange as these colors enhance the architecture and exterior of such houses.

7. Match it with your personality:

Choose a color that resonates with your personality. For instance, people think of light color buildings as welcoming and dark colors as business-oriented. Think of what you want your building or house to look like. Search on Pinterest and get different ideas about which colors are in these days and what kind of color combinations you can use. Think of your roof as a canvas where you can express yourself.

8. Avoid feeling limited by the color of the shingles that you have:

When you are replacing the shingles with the new ones, you might want to play safe by using the same colors as before. You don’t have to limit yourself and you can try different colors according to the climate unless you love that color. It is an opportunity for you to try something new and refreshing, so your house can get a new look. Having a change in the environment can also help your mind refresh.

9. Compare the prices:

You might be estimating the prices of designer roofs to be too high but in actuality, the difference between the designer shingles and other shingles is less. You can also go for them. Make sure that when you communicate the style and color that you prefer, communicate it with confidence. You can always count on the contractor for that. Make sure that no one pressurizes you because, in the end, it’s your house and your choice. You can choose the preliminary colors from the website and ask your contractor to bring samples. Keep on exploring samples until you find the right one.

10. See the color in real life:

You can ask your contractor to provide you with the addresses of houses that have the same color as you have chosen. When you will see it in the natural light, you will get the idea that whether you want to install it or not.


In this article, we have provided you with valuable information that you can use while choosing the color of your roof. Although you might have to consider these factors while choosing a color, it should be your choice in the end and what you deem fit for your house. These are just recommendations that you can use so you can consider them while choosing the color.


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