7 Fresh Ideas for Your Dining Room to Look More Expensive

7 Fresh Ideas for Your Dining Room to Look More Expensive
Photo by Douglas Sheppard on Unsplash

Negosentro | 7 Fresh Ideas for Your Dining Room to Look More Expensive | When was the last time you checked your interior for upgrades? Is your dining room ready for sprucing up? Adding value to your dining room will increase the net worth of your home while also adding a new fresh vibe to the interior. Leave everyone in awe with expensive-looking details and elegant accents that you can get at affordable prices. We have a few tips to help you with a dining makeover that will make it look like you invested thousands of dollars.

Go for a round table

Do you still have the rectangle dining table your parents bought as a wedding present? Switch it for a round or oval table to add class to your dining room. Go for a dark brown shade that looks more expensive than a beige or another light wood hue. Chairs in matching colour with whimsically patterned upholstery is another way to improve the look of your dining area. With white walls and a gold lighting fixture above, your dining room will look posh in a matter of minutes. 

Consider marble accents

What’s the first thought that comes to mind when you see marble interior pieces? Is it elegance? Luxury? Marble is the epitome of sophistication and style, instantly uplifting the interior. Buy a marble patterned vase to fill with fresh flowers and put it on the table. Set the table with marble-patterned tableware for the ultimate posh feel. If you add gold details like a candle holder and gold cutlery, your dining room will look like the one from the high-end interior design magazines. 

Have a statement wallpaper

A statement wallpaper will instantly add interest to your dining room, making it look more expensive than it actually is. That is especially true if your walls don’t have patterns and other wallpapers. Again, marble can be an excellent choice. Alternatively, stick wallpapers to all walls after choosing a dramatic wallpaper pattern to create a mesmerising ambience. How does jungle scenery sound? Deep green shades will match lovely with a dark wood shade of the dining table and chair set. A wallpaper with white background and gold geometric patterns and shapes is another option to make the dining room a place of elegance and style.

Invest in a quality rug

Interior design experts worldwide suggest that rugs should be a part of every room that’s supposed to radiate luxury. Chinese rugs are among the highest quality rugs in the world so look into them when you start redecorating your dining room. Look for intricate patterns and styles before you order affordable rugs from Hong Kong to elevate the look of your dining area. Place the rug under the dining table to keep your feet warm and make an awe-inspiring impression on your guests the second they step inside the room. 

The crown moulding looks pricey

Another way to make the dining room look posh is to add crown moulding to your walls. Can you do it yourself? If you’re savvy with DIY home projects, adding moulding to your dining room walls without anyone’s help shouldn’t be too much trouble. Save money that you can later invest in some other part of your home, and start your DIY home project to spruce up the eating area. White walls with white moulding look especially elegant, but you can always paint the moulding to accentuate the walls and add more interest.

Decorate with metallic details

Metallics have been popular for several years in every aspect of interior design. Accents in metallic colours add visual interest while also making your home look luxurious. Gold, silver and brass, depending on your taste, will all blend in seamlessly to the décor while making a statement with their elegant vibe. Have you thought about hanging a gold or silver mirror on the wall between two paintings in a metallic frame? A metallic vase in the corner of the room with your favourite plant inside will be just the detail you need to elevate the look of your dining room. Add a side table, a lighting fixture or a centrepiece featuring metallic details for the ultimate dining room décor that radiates allure. 

Place floral arrangements on the table

You know how the table arrangement leaves a big impression on everyone at an event? Weddings, birthday parties and baby showers are always planned to the tiniest details, where the table setting plays a crucial part in the entire decoration. It’s the same in your dining room. When you invite friends over for a party, set a table like you’re hosting an elegant event. Bring in floral arrangements that you’ll intertwine with lights to add the glitz and glam to a curated tablespace. Flowers will quickly create a more thoughtful and upscale aesthetic in your dining room, so place them on the credenza, in the corner and on the table for a cohesive look.

Final thoughts

Like living rooms, dining rooms are the place of gatherings but also wining and dining. To create a more inviting feel that radiates sumptuousness follow the tips we’ve listed above. It takes only an accent wall or well-placed crown moulding to uplift your interior. Think about luxurious-looking details, colours, patterns and items that will upscale aesthetics without making you step outside your comfort zone. Look for floral arrangements, metallic details, and suitable furniture pieces that will leave everyone in awe the first time they see them. 

Written by Brigitte Evans

Photo by Douglas Sheppard on Unsplash

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