Child abuse – Largest epidemic of the world


Ann Gabriel |

Children have an innocence and excitement about them that is genuinely real. Those sparkling eyes, sounds of laughter are so beautiful that happiness just prevails around them.

It’s unimaginable how someone can intentionally hurt a child and yet, child abuse is one of the most dreaded epidemic of the world.

Child abuse is a serious physical, emotional or sexual harm done to a child, by an adult (parent, caretakers or others). These abuses can scar a child for life, and in extreme cases can also lead to death!

Even neglecting them for a long period or denying their basic needs can cause severe damage to the overall growth and development of a child.

It is horrifying to see the worldwide statistics in this domain. Around 3 million child abuse cases are reported annually. Close to 80% of children are subjected to some form of abuse on a daily basis, and most of the perpetrators are either acquaintances or related to the victims.

Such sinful and heinous crimes should never go unpunished. There are several criminal laws that are implemented depending on the severity of the crime. For instance, an accused in a sexual abuse case is often charged with felony, while a physical abuse case may call for a misdemeanour.

As an adult, it is our responsibility to protect our children, provide support, encouragement and love, be sensitive & hold them when they need us the most.

Following infographic gives us some gruesome facts on Child Abuse. Read on…


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