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Maria Jones, Negosentro |  For all those critics who feel that email marketing is dead, they would be surprised to know that email marketing is very much alive and kicking. Today, despite the increasing popularity of the mobile marketing, SEO, and social media, email still is arguably the most productive and profitable marketing channels.

Email marketing provides more prospects for business and is able to drive better returns on investment. Thanks to email marketing, your business could be cementing robust relationships with a broader audience at much less cost as compared to conventional media. Here are some of the true benefits or the real reasons for starting an effective email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Boosts Brand Awareness

With every sent email, more and more consumers are supposed to be aware of your brand and business. With targeted content, smart design, and strategic planning your business would be consistently growing in terms of worth and value. When you do that, you are very much on your customer’s mind all the time. When he would be requiring similar products, your business would be more likely converting those leads into actual customers and customers into loyal customers. Are you looking for professional SEO assistance? Visit for perfect solutions.

Email Marketing Is For Your Target Audience

Email marketing is truly targeted. Email marketing is a suitable substitute for non-targeted marketing. You would have complete control over who would be seeing your email by effectively dividingall your contacts according to their demographics, lead status, location, etc. Targeting emails would be making sure that your precise targeted audience would be receiving content suited precisely to his unique requirements. Email marketing helps in making customization of your message far simpler and definitely easier, leveraging relatively higher conversion rates.

Email Marketing Is Affordable & Cost Effective

The greatest attraction of email marketing is the high return on investment. There are no print expenses, no postage fees, and no advertising rates. Email marketing is the most affordable or cheapest marketing procedure.

Email Marketing Is Definitely Shareable

Email marketing is certainly easy to share. With just a simple click, subscribers could be forwarding or sharing your news, deals, and offers. Subscribers who are willingly sharing your emails are your brand advocates. When your email subscriber shares your email with his friends, your brand would be gaining credibility and certainly more exposure.

Email Marketing Is Known To Be Measurable

Email marketing would be drawing accurate metrics and that may include open rates, delivery rates, click-to-buy rates, and subscriber preservation rates. These metrics are supposed to be much more than simply percentages and numbers. They are insights regarding customer activities and interests. Email marketing campaigns could be used effectively as a perfect tool for monitoring information your customers are responsive to.


Email marketing is a necessity and must not be ignored. Even though in the current digital era, email marketing often tends to take a backseat once in a while, you simply cannot undermine the role and benefits of email marketing for your business.

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