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NEGOSENTRO Buy The Best Prescription Sunglasses Best Eyeglasses Entrepreneur-Needs | Buy The Best Prescription Sunglasses | How many of us have been in a situation where we have weak eyesight, and we forget to carry our contact lenses? Or even if we do have them with us, we don’t want to wear them, or they are causing irritation or allergy in your eyes. And now the only option you are left with the prescription glasses, and you have to wear them on an incredibly bright, sunny day and to make you squint uncomfortably. One also thinks of putting your sunglasses over your prescription glasses, but that won’t work too.Firstly, putting them over each other can cause scratches on both of them, and it will be quite uncomfortable for your ears and nose both. Secondly, you may look ridiculous wearing two pairs of glasses, and it’s difficult to hold them together in the right place at a time. One will keep slipping down.

The next thing you do is to hold your hand over your eyes to get relief, but your arms get tired by doing this, and you cannot hold it for too long.

All of these are not a permanent solution; these are just temporary solution which can only help you for a few minutes. You all silently wish to have a better solution but don’t know what to do. So, Prescription sunglasses at Designer Optics are all you need to have if you have eyesight problems and you want to wear sunglasses on a bright sunny day.

What are Prescription Glasses?

Prescription Glasses or Rx Glasses are combinations of sunglasses and your prescription glasses. It has your own corrective prescription built-in lenses. Although it can be customized according to everyone’s needs, it works best for people with refractive errors. They protect your eyes from sunlight and glare and enable you to have proper and clear vision.

Now you can enjoy clear vision with the luxury of shade that will protect your eyes from bright sun rays. Prescription glasses are available in all corrective prescriptions. They come in various options, including progressive and bifocal lenses. These glasses make your outdoor activities easier and safer for your eyes and especially for the ones who spend a lot of time outdoor or behind the wheel.

Why should you use Prescription Sunglasses?

A lot of you might be thinking it is not as useful as being told, or it’s just another random thing to make people fool. But there are plenty of reasons to prove that these are really helpful if you start using them. Few of them are as follows:

  • Clear Vision

It is really hard to have a clear vision in the sun. Already sun rays are getting into your eyes and making it hard for you to see with your eyes fully open, and it gets almost impossible if you have eyesight problems or errors. But these prescription sunglasses have specific vision correction and sunglass tint, which you prefer. It will enhance your everyday vision.

  • Reduce Glare

Many people are more sensitive to glare than to the brightness of the sun. for this, special polarized prescription lenses have been introduced for neutralizing the blinding glare. This will allow you to see more clearly. It works best for beach days.

  • Protection from UV rays

All types of prescription glasses block 100% of the UV rays coming from the sun. It protects your eyes from damaging effects. These sunglasses will also protect you from eye diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration, cancer of eyelids and surrounding skin, and also prevents sunburn and premature aging.

  • Variety of lenses

You can have prescription sunglasses just made according to your needs. You can choose specific material and treatment. They have good lenses that are polycarbonate, scratch-resistant, polarized, and photochromic.


Prescription Sunglasses are really the best solution to all these little problems up till now, and you can wear them daily without getting worried about anything.

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